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by Brian Allan
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Monatomic elements and alternate states of being

One the many enigmas still facing humankind is the possible existence of alternate realities and the ability to transport a human being there with all the theoretical paradoxes this entails. In this article we will examine some of these paradoxes
as well as some methods by which the feat of broaching these dimensions may be attained. Theoretically, one of these dimensions is time and a limited type of time travel can be attained by using sheer speed, the speed of light in fact, although to be fair, measurable differences in subjective and objective time can be attained at velocities considerably less than the theoretically unachievable speed of light. The pioneering physicist, Albert Einstein, devised his special theory of relativity, E=MC2, (where E = energy, M = mass and C = the speed of light squared), to demonstrate that no material object can ever be propelled at a velocity greater than that of light. In short, according to his iconic equation there will never be sufficient energy to drive an object faster than the speed of light, which is currently measured at 300,000 kilometres per second.
Since ‘conventional’ physical faster than light (FTL) travel is currently ruled out by nature of Einstein’s calculations are there any other methods that might be adopted? Bearing in mind that since this theory only holds good for travel in normal space/time as it happens there are. One such method involves ‘folding’ space, to allow a vessel (or object) to make the transit from point to point. Imagine a sheet of paper with two reference marks designated as ‘A’ and ‘B’, if our ship wishes to travel from A to B, rather than making a physical, linear journey across the page, the ship remains where it is at point A and the paper is folded to bring point B adjacent to the ship. At this precise moment the ship transits from point A to point B and the paper is allowed to flatten out once more and consequently the ship has moved right across the sheet of paper. This is what has been proposed on an immensely larger scale by using gravity to fold space itself thereby allowing a spaceship to cross the unimaginably vast reaches between the stars. To achieve this it is necessary to access a theoretical region of space/time that exists like a phantom alongside our own, but except in truly exceptional circumstances is at present beyond our grasp. To realise this feat will of course require a level of technology that at present we can only contemplate, but the theoretical considerations are already well understood. However, as we shall see, perhaps we have already inadvertently contacted this ‘empty’ void between time and space on a number of occasions.

Multidimensional Dowsing

Since this method of time travel appears to involve accessing a form of space/time that is not in any sense conventional, it is reasonable to conclude that it may provide an understanding of, if not an actual gateway into, other continuums that surround our own. Rather than rely on cutting edge technology to provide the answer to this enigma, perhaps the method
might be much more fundamental and basic using a natural technology -dowsing- that has existed as long as there have been human beings on the earth. A well-known advocate of this traditional technique and associated ‘earth mysteries’, the archaeologist and Cambridge don, T.C Lethbridge, discovered to his astonishment that he could locate specific metals by using a pendant attached to a length of string. Although he was already well aware that conventional, thin, dowsing rods would deflect in the presence of water and minerals, the implications of his discoveries using a dowsing pendulum are
astonishing. One of the advantages of using a pendulum is its ability to be ‘tuned’ to specific items while discriminating against others. Lethbridge used an extremely simple but effective means of tuning the device; he first attached the pendulum to a length of string then attached the string to a pencil. He paid out the string as he held the pendulum over different substances and found there was a natural movement ratio between the string length and individual substance i.e. as the string lengthened he discovered that the pendulum would move back and forth of it’s own accord depending on the nature of the article. He found that 30 ½ inches (80 cm) was the length for copper, silver was 22 inches (55.8 cm), gold 29 inches (73.7cm), tin 28 inches (71.1cm), and surprisingly, even truffles produced a reaction at 17 inches (43.2cm). Following a ‘tuning’ exercise, he could take the pendulum into the countryside and search for previously hidden objects and the pendulum unfailingly reacted to the specific item, ignoring other pieces of a different material. This ability is replicated on modern electronic metal detectors fitted with ‘discriminator circuits’ that can be adjusted to ignore certain types of ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

Lethbridge also experimented with emotional responses and found that concentrating on anger and death produced an involuntary response at 40 inches (101.7cm), beyond this length there was no response. Undaunted, Lethbridge persevered
and to his surprise found that if he used 40 inches (101.7cm) as his new zero mark and added the previous lengths that had produced a result, he was able to duplicate the effects with respect to the different metals. He continued this experiment by doubling the previous zero point to 80 inches (203.4cm) and again obtained the same results. There was however one significant difference in how the pendulum reacted when using the elevated zero points, although it unerringly gave the same reactions to the metals, it did so physically to one side of the original sample and each new zero point produced a slightly different location. In other words, when Lethbridge stood on a set of ladders and dangled the pendulum over the respective metal samples, the expected reaction occurred but not directly over the piece of metal. Although puzzled by this anomaly, Lethbridge realised that the pendulum was sensing each individual metal sample but at a different frequency, which is analogous to
the side band or harmonic frequency of a radio signal. This is also similar to how the optimum length for an antenna is calculated, where the length of the antenna is dependent on the frequency one desires to monitor. He wondered if this indicated that perhaps the various metals existed concurrently in planes alongside our own and the combination of a human operator using the correct length of string was able to detect this.

Monatomic Elements

While this adjunct to dowsing is another example of the possible existence of ‘ghost realities’ alongside our own, there is another even more incredible example once again using unsuspected properties inherent in specific metals, this time gold and platinum. Although there is a considerable body of documentation concerning this unique area of para-science, there is still a distinct impression that the results claimed for it border on magic rather than science. We are talking about the properties attributed to monatomic powders, more correctly known as ‘Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements’ or ‘ORME’s’.

The term, ‘ORME’s, was created by David Hudson who discovered that these elements occur naturally in specific volcanic soils located in the western United States. As well as being present in volcanic soils it also exists in a group of elements on the periodic table like gold, platinum, iridium, rhodium, ruthenium and osmium. It should be clearly understood that while there is genuine, ongoing research into the hitherto unexpected properties of these substances, as we shall see, some of the claims made by Mr Hudson lie at the very edge of what is credible, let alone possible. While
this of course does not invalidate the claims, likewise it does not guarantee they are genuine. As far as mainstream science is concerned there are no text books explaining the physics behind this bizarre substance, in fact nuclear and quantum physicists are only now starting to mull over the concept in mainstream publications such as ‘Scientific American’ etc. Classical science holds that there are only three states or phases of matter, namely solids, gasses and liquids, although this is not strictly true if one includes liquid crystals and plasmas etc. However there is one additional phase that as yet is not mentioned and
these are monatomic (or monotomic) elements, which, although not ceramics, look and behave as if they were. The reason that this form (or phase) of matter has remained undetected for so long is because it is totally inert and undetectable by standard analytical techniques and as a result it has been present, hidden in plain sight under the noses of scientists. Although the research is still in its infancy, as already mentioned it is the properties claimed for these materials that are causing ripples in the world of both theoretical and applied physics.

According to its discoverer, David Hudson, the white powder that is extracted from these monatomic elements acts as a superconductor at room temperature, and as such it tends to ‘ride’ on the Earths magnetic field, which makes it levitate quite naturally without the need for additional equipment. This has been compared somewhat dismissively in some quarters with the ‘maglev’ (magnetic levitation) trains currently used in Japan that travel at considerable speeds balanced on a magnetic cushion. However, this comparison is only superficial because these vehicles levitate by inducing a repelling magnetic field between the train and the track below it. Incidentally, this is also the principle on which electrical linear motors operate and is quite different to the natural levitation produced by super-conducting ORME’s. While this property is remarkable enough, it is further claimed that ORME’s can assist in curing cancer and AIDS by repairing damaged DNA strands. They (the ORME’s) allegedly literally ‘unpick’ the damaged or mutated strands at the sub-atomic level and ‘re-programme’ them back to normal function; this (unsupported) claim if true suggests the very elixir of life itself by any other name. Perhaps inevitably, at this point we now begin to encroach upon the apocryphal world of conspiracy theory and the shadowy, dead hand of ‘they,’ who wish to suppress any technology that runs contrary to contemporary conventional beliefs and the business interest interests they underpin. While I do not wish to become ensnared in this labyrinthine and paranoid subject, we shall briefly return to it later because in this instance it may have some relevance.

The Alchemical Connection

Near miraculous as they are, it is not these claimed properties that hold the greatest potential and pose the greatest puzzle, it is what occurs during the manufacturing process while converting the monatomic powder into small, glasslike, solid beads. According to Hudson it has been observed that a vessel containing the substance can weigh less than the empty container and furthermore, during the heating process the powder which is quite visible, when tested using a spectrophotometer appears to consist of iron, silica and calcium with a trace of titanium. The powder then disappears for several seconds only to reappear transformed into gold and other precious metals. Hudson states that during the time the powder was not visible the area where it had lain in the crucible was scraped with a spatula but there was no sign of it, and when it reappeared it did not seem to have been disturbed. The question is, what happened to the white powder during this
transition phase, where did it go? While the answer is not obvious it can be speculated that it temporarily vanished into a parallel state of being where the magic of transformation occurred, could it have been ‘tripped’ into a different frequency of reality? Is this the same dimension sought for and perhaps discovered by alchemists while they attempted to transmute lead into gold? While it is currently fashionable to look upon alchemy as an allegory for a personal quest for spiritual purity, there is no doubt that it was also a deliberate attempt to use a fledgling science to change base metals into precious gold. It is also fair to say that it was the forerunner of metallurgy and its associated analytical technologies.

Before leaving this extremely unusual and unique substance and the claims made for it, in common with
contemporary views on alchemy perhaps predictably there is a purely spiritual facet involved. According to the available information, if human beings consume the white powder it is claimed to effectively supercharge the psychic ability latent within us. It allegedly restores youth and virility, permits access to the ‘Extraordinary Knowingness’ (perhaps the Akashic Records or other information fields that surround us?), allows thought to manifest as fully formed reality and opens the ‘third eye’ (is this a reference to the pineal gland?). It is curious that since ancient times the function of the pineal gland should regularly be associated with psychic functions. Particularly since it was only comparatively recently discovered that this gland produces the neurotransmitter, serotonin, (5-Hydroxy-Tryptamine), this, in common with the entire tryptamine family of neurotransmitters can induce dream states and altered states of consciousness. In fact, the chemical structure of serotonin, a variety of alkaloid, is also remarkably similar to that of the hallucinogenic substance psilocybin, which incidentally is also the active ingredient in ‘magic mushrooms’. It is therefore probably no accident that the Buddha is often shown receiving spiritual enlightenment sitting under the ‘Bo tree’, since the fruit of the Bo Tree is a species of fig, (ficus religiosa), which along with bananas, plums and a few other fruits is rich in serotonin.

The Ark of the Covenant

Finally, it is claimed that in addition to its other properties anyone using this substance also develops a halo around their body. Quite how it achieves this is not clear, but since the human body also generates its own electrical field sometimes called the ‘aura’, then perhaps the powder activates or boosts it in some manner. Some researchers have even concluded that certain substances found in the pyramids were monatomic powders used by the pharaohs to help project their consciousness beyond the veil of death to the afterlife. Although not overtly stated, it is also frequently implied that the property of natural levitation inherent in the powder was harnessed to help move the gigantic stone blocks used in the construction of the pyramids. It has even been speculated that the Ark of the Covenant was a high-voltage capacitance 
device used to transmute gold into its monatomic components, which, using specialist equipment is exactly what happens now. While speculation about the true function of the Ark has been rife for centuries, it is not the first time that it’s construction, i.e. inner and outer layers of gold separated by an insulator (shittim or setim wood which is a species of acacia) and surmounted by electrical connections (two gold covered cherubim), has been likened to that of a large volume capacitor. It should be noted that because of its excellent
electrical and non-corrosive properties gold is also used extensively in the electronics industry, particularly in relay contacts. It was also used in another form to help screen astronauts from harmful deep space radiation. However, since the original Ark was lost, hidden or destroyed millennia ago and the artefact claimed to be the Ark, which is currently in Ethiopia, may or may not be genuine, speculation is all we have.


All of the subjects mentioned so far appear to indicate that there is an invisible and intangible ‘other place’ existing in parallel with our own and if this is the case then what is it and how might it be accessed in a predictable and regular manner? So far the only people who can legitimately claim to contact this region are, although they may not realise it, shamans, mediums and psychics. As far as the average psychic is concerned, irrespective of how talented they may be they are still trapped in a mindset that precludes the existence of any science-based alternate reality, preferring instead to use baggage laden, archaic, quasi-religious terms like the ‘spirit realm’. It is a common feature at spiritualist churches to use hymns and prayers prior to contacting the discarnate intelligences. Quite why this should be the case is not clear since the departed are quite happy to converse with or without any preamble of prayer, or indeed of religion. Perhaps the reason is due to spiritualists to using religious practices to allay any accusations of dabbling in witchcraft or other rites deemed anti–Christian or non-religious.

As we have seen, although the spiritualist movement is still viewed with some suspicion by mainstream faiths, in 1923 the Church of England set up a committee to examine the basis of the spiritualist movement and determine whether if it
contravened Christian doctrine. After several months of deliberation the committee reached the conclusion that it did not, but this information was deliberately suppressed until 1976. One can only assume that in any given subject orthodoxy will protect itself by whatever means it deems necessary, a trait that is by no means solely confined to religion. The mediums themselves tend to be ambivalent concerning the source of their talents with some ascribing it to heredity and some to a God-given talent. Of the two it is probably those who regard heredity as their benefactor who are correct, since psychic ability although latent in all human beings is almost certainly enhanced due to genetic traits.
Regrettably and sadly, as we saw earlier in this article it is orthodoxy that still maintains a death grip on any information that challenges its dearly held and constricted view of reality. It is also evident that unfortunately, many committed spiritualists display some of the same negative traits as those who dismiss and deny the existence of life after death. For reasons probably based on self-preservation, mediums attached to the spiritualist movement deliberately distance themselves from the prescient talents of scryers and shamans. This attitude is quite unfair and of course completely wrong, since one way or another they are all in contact with the ubiquitous ‘other place’ and their information originates there. It once again demonstrates the desire of spiritualist mediums to be seen as ‘respectable’ and divorced from their psychic but secular colleagues. At the end of the day it is of no importance whether the information or messages are obtained within a church or by using a crystal ball, a deck of tarot cards, tealeaves or whatever, the implement used is not important since it only serves as a prop or focus for the sensitive. In truth, the necessity for any connection with religious observance is likewise unimportant, communication with those who have died occurs with or with out the need for any God.

Despite the mounting evidence for alternate realities emanating from the scientific discipline of quantum physics, conventional science grudgingly admits (where it admits it at all) the possibility of parallel dimensions. If it remains problematic for Newtonian science to accept emerging information originating from among its own ranks what chance can there be for the more esoteric strains of evidence to gain acceptance? Ordinarily this would be none at all, but unfortunately for convention the aeons old (and frequently misinterpreted) evidence from mystics and mediums is finding close parallels in the quantum world. The voids of subjective reality plumbed by shamans and others may be the self-same worlds predicted by the equations of ‘respectable’ science and if this is the case then what has for centuries been summarily dismissed by mainstream science as imagination or delusion may have a basis in fact. Perhaps this invisible region at the edges of reality was unintentionally hinted at in the work of the 19th century French mathematician, Jean Fournier, who created the ‘Fournier Transforms’, a set of calculus equations intended to illustrate how interference patterns of any complexity could be expressed in a set of mathematical equivalents. Although the patterns and waves can theoretically be in any form, nevertheless they are real and exist in real space and time, but by using this set of equations they can be transferred as an equivalent energy value into an abstract, timeless void existing between the waves. The use of the word ‘timeless’ in this instance is appropriate because the information coming through channellers and mediums suggests that for those who have transited to the non-physical continuum time is irrelevant and past and future have no real meaning other than as points of reference. One interesting additional feature of the equations is that by using the frequency and amplitude of any given wave the original object can be recreated. Perhaps the implications of these mathematical tools are more far-reaching than is first apparent since they hint at the plasticity of reality, it might prove rewarding to use these formulae in relation to spirit manifestations which of course are themselves a form of energy and therefore wave patterns.

Assuming that the reality of the ‘other place’ is established there is still the riddle of communication to overcome. If this is not (at present) attainable by purely mechanical methods then perhaps it may be achieved using the mind. This is based on the apparent ability of the human brain to interface and connect with unseen places and the entities living there (and by this I include the discarnate energies that once existed here on Earth, namely the dead). If the old physics truism that ‘energy cannot be created or destroyed, only changed in form’ is valid, since consciousness is effectively electrochemical energy, then rather than dissipate at the point of death it is reasonable to assume that if it cannot be destroyed then it must by definition continue elsewhere. This being the case, providing a sufficiently sensitive receiver is available then it should be possible to make contact with the now discarnate entity. Likewise, providing the consciousness/entity is still self-aware then it should be capable of reacting to stimulus in the form of mind-to-mind contact, conversely, if it is self-aware it can and does deliberately choose not to respond.


While there is abundant readily available proof both theoretical and practical to support the existence of separate continuums of existence the problem is of acceptance by the mainstream. As we have seen, orthodoxy and conformity go hand in hand and readily unite to refute and reject anything that does not fit their myopic views. Despite mounting evidence to the contrary there is a very real alternative to this plane of existence and we will all eventually arrive there whether its existence is denied or otherwise. Those who accept its existence may have been swayed by the scientific evidence while others do so as an article of faith, but whatever the reason secular or otherwise, the life of those who can see what lies ahead is enriched by the knowledge that existence does not simply end here in the realm. Perhaps this is one way in which humanity can attain its ultimate destiny…the quest for immortality.

© Brian Allan 2004

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