This is not a 'Tribute of Light'. It is an 'in your face' Illuminati two-fingered salute.
For heaven's sake, Wake-up America and the world

A very brief scan of this blatant, couldn't give a monkey's ritual we can see the symbolism isn't  hidden at all now. The basics of this information comes from just one article.

How confident are they?
Please remember that the more tennuous a connection or symbol seems to us in the language of code that is just perfect.

Begun on a 22day to match the rhythm of the year (see 2002 - a year of upheaval)

Ceremony begins at 08.46 -which is 526 minutes, totalling 13. The Tarot Death card is number 13
(Began on Moonday 11th March 2002 - and ended Sunday 14th April 2002 at Dawn.) (1)

It's all in the planning.

As in their sun-Olympics when they used a black female ( Cathy Freeman (C=3 F=6) to light their flame.(The tradition of carrying the lighted Olympic Torch was begun by Adolph Hitler.) they had 13-year-old Valerie Webb, to light this one.(Initials VW, which is 3 inverted pyramids. VW is also the popular abbreviation for Hitler's Volkswagen with it's falling twin tower logo. (see above) )

The VW is plainly a code for Wodin's Wagon, The Great Bear constellation, which was linked to the ancient Egyptians as the constellation of Set, Satan. It's symbolism may be that of a Chariot of Fire, the Chariot in the Tarot, and a message of Victory.

88 searchlights, the number of powerful attraction and powerful animosity - combat between equals. It is the number of The Templar idol 'Baphomet'. (see footnotes)
88 is also 8+8, which is 16 the number of the Tarot Tower. (1) and (3)

The 11th is an appropriate day, not just because it is 6 calendar (manipulated) months from the tragedies, number 11 is the number of Light and Illumination.

The lights will shine for 33 nights- from the night of 11th March until 13th April. (2)

The Sphere sculpture (top right), survivor of the disaster, is identical to an Illuminati eternal flame, don't you think? Amazing how it ended up! (mouse-over image to see a similar one in Paris)

And they rang a bell. (They like those bells.)

Ellis Charles Taylor
12th March 2002
updated 24th June 2003

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88 tons of light and sound equipment for third millenium gala at pyramids

(1) And also revealing in other ways because if you count back 216 days from 11th March you come to 8th August - 8 8. 88 beacons of light! - i.e.days. 216 is a cypher for both the Precession of the Equinox (specifically at this time the march  from Pisces to Aquarius) and the Moon. 11th March is the 70th day of the year (meaning secret agendas and hidden purposes).
216 days forward brings us to 13th October - the same date in 1307 Philippe le Bel (Bell?) had the Templars arrested in France; and the same day that the cornerstone was layed at 1600 (2x0's and 16 = 216) Pennsylvania Avenue - The White House in 1792. 

Now, even more alarming is the fact that if you count back 216 days from when the lights were extinguished (night of April 13/14 2002), we come precisely to September 11th 2001. 33 days after 8th August - 88

See the updated To Please the Gods?

(2) The lights remained until dawn Sunday14th April not 13th April - making it 34 nights instead of the promised 33.

(3) 8th August - first phase of Battle of Britain (1940). Nixon resigns (1974) The Great Train Robbery (1963)

(4) 13th April - Apollo (Sun) 13 (with Lunar module Aquarius) aborts lunar landing following explosion in oxygen tank. (1970). Thomas Jefferson born (1743)

(5) 14th April - Abraham Lincoln Assassinated (1865). Titanic holed (1912) US bombs Libya (1986)

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