Orcs & Orbs
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Orcs & Orbs
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One of the odd things about orbs (and other light phenomena) is that you can take one shot straight after the other and in one there will be orbs (or other light phenomena) and in the other nothing. Another thing that many people have recognised is that the more they begin to acknowledge the orbs in their photographs the more often they appear. Also, any camera will do. It doesn't have to be digital.

© Ellis Taylor
24th February 2007

Updated 5th March 2007
Updated 11th April 2007
Updated 16th October 2007
Updated 13th March 2008
Updated 2nd November 2008


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A movie from the Ghost Club:

The Riddle of the Orbs

Movies on Glastonbury TV:

The Mystery of Glastonbury's White Spring

Orbs ~ The final proof

My thanks to M. Brereton, Mike Soper, Geoff Ambler, Lyn, Ben, Janet, and to everyone else whose photographs have been used in this article.

For more info on orbs and other similar phenomena:

Katie Hall and John Pickering: BEYOND PHOTOGRAPHY

Psychic Investigatorswww.psychicinvestigators.net

Readers may find this article by Jake Kotze,
'9/11's Pentagon Pyramid and the Martian Stargate (Part 3 of 3), which touches on number 8 (octagons), NASA and 911 of added interest.
The Lake District
Notice the orbs behind the branches - an orange orb is one of them.
I sensed something following (or stalking me). Quickly took this photo.
More Orc energy ~ Probe October 2007
Black probe at PROBE and orb October 2007
Little Welsh Church in the Brecon Beacons
St. Nicholas, Asthall, Oxon
Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas
Area 51, Nevada
St. Michael's church, Cumnor, Oxfordshire
A fascinating edifice raised on the summit of Cumnor Hill and looming over the winding Isis (Thames Valley). A de- and re-faced life-size (likely) contemporary Caen stone statue of a bejewelled and magnificently attired Queen Elisabeth I is high-borne and backlit by a western light in the North aisle. The statue is the only one in existence and may have been commissioned by one of her notorious squeezes, Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester - who history looks sideways at...for many things...one, as a chief suspect in the tragic death of his young wife, Amy Robsart. Her body was discovered at the foot of the stairs of her home, Cumnor Place (that then stood to the immediate west of the church) while her servants were attending "Our Lady's Fair" in Abingdon. It was the day after QEs 27th birthday and the celebrated birthday of the Virgin Mary - 8th September 1560.

Amy Robsart was born on 7th June, the first day of the ancient Roman festival of the Vestalia - for Vesta, the Goddess of the Hearth and the Hallway. She was interned in the University Church of St. Mary in Oxford.

Amye's ghost is said to haunt the vicinty of Cumnor Place and I've rarely set foot in a church so full of restless spirits as St. Michael's was on the day I visited. Among numerous other treasures in this intriguingingly atmospheric church are several cat-faced grotesques, a beautiful spiral staircase and a superb copy of the King James bible (and yes, a Bacon is recorded here).
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