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30th November

How Green Is My Valley?
The Saga of the Mary Valley
'goings-on' (possibly involving scalar weather control) in South East Queensland Australia over Premier Beatties proposed new water dam in the Mary Valley.  Lots of hanky-panky involved in all this that the world should know about.  In addition to thousands of people being forced off their fertile growing land by foul means, this ill thought-out means dam seriously threatens the ancient Lungfish, one of the oldest living species on Earth, and already listed as vulnerable to extinction. The Lungfish is is believed by scientists to be the "missing link" between fish and amphibians because it also surfaces to breathe air. The University of Queensland biology PhD researcher Helena Bailes said the lungfish had the genes for five forms of light-sensing pigment in their eyes while humans had only three forms.The discovery could one day help humans gain a better understanding of how the world looked before dinosaurs.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

I couldn't help but notice how the above articles reveal yet another assault on, and attempted sacrifice of, a Goddess (Mary) domain. For readers who are new to this, a sinister, widespread and escalating strategy that targets Goddess - related places, moments and people is underway; and has been for a long time. From murdered children whose names derive from the Goddess who are found in Goddess-named places to the actual physical locales where the Earth and cosmic feminine energy streams collect and discourse (ley lines etc). (This agenda is exposed throughout this website.)
read on (new site article ~ The Presents of Presence)

Prodigy, 12, Compared To Mozart
Scott Pelley Talks To Boy Who Has Written Five Full Symphonies

Congratulations to the
2006 British Composer Awards winners

March 2007 PROBE Conference details


29th November

Another excellent, and intentionally thought provoking, piece from the agile mind of  Jake Kotze.

Tired of reading, hearing and watching stuff about the World Trade Centre disaster? I know I am. I want to exorcise the event from my mind so that I can just let go and get on with a life more centered on the present. Yet I am drawn again and again into the debate because I feel we as a whole are nowhere near understanding what the hell happened that day. My primary concern with 9/11 is the occult and mystic symbols employed and encoded in its execution and how they relate to the possibility of a ritualistic aspect at play.
WTC Pyramid: Part 2
You have to see with real eyes.


28th November

From the plants which pollinate and produce seeds to the fish of the sea scattering their eggs far and wide, all life on earth, and probably on other planets too, feel drawn to reproduce...Understanding the nature of this force and its effects upon us will help us to understand ourselves and the constant cycles of our lives.

Meteor sighting in SA, Vic skies
In what sounds like a scene from the 70s movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, people in South Australia and western Victoria have deluged police and media with reports of a spectacular meteor sighting.


23rd November

What beauty we humans are capable of:
The Rescue of 100 horses

Every Tuesday
The Unseen We See Show
with Clint Denyer
Starting Tuesday 28th November
8.30 to 9.30 GMT
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Merchant Bankers
(rhyming slang)

The other day I took a phone call from someone who said he was from my bank.

"Can I speak to Mr Ellis Taylor?" - notice no 'please'.

(Me) "Speaking."

"This is the *** Bank. You have an account with us. Before I begin, I need to verify that I am speaking to the correct person. Can I have either your birthdate or your account number?" - no 'please' again.

(Me) "Before I give you those details how can you verify to me that you are who you say you are?"

"I can give you your credit limit."
(Very helpful eh? They give me something that is personal to me. A fair trade would surely be that they give me details about them that is not public. I haven't initiated this call.)

(Me) "Ok then, what is it?"

"Blah, blah..."

(Me) "Correct.

"Just one more thing... I have to tell you that this call is being recorded for training purposes. Is that all right?"

(Me) "No it isn't all right."

"I'm afraid sir, that if that is the case, then I have to terminate this call."

(Drat, I should have added 'yes and that will be £££s for wasting my time'.)


If the call was solely for training purposes then ask yourself why did they object to me refusing to be recorded.

Here's another one:
I have just bought a new dual telephone set, a cordless and a corded. There were two adapters included and because there was nothing in the manual, or anywhere else, to say which adapter was for which phone I called BT (British Telecom) on their helpline. (The manual had advised this if any purchaser encountered any difficulties.) After going through the suicide-inspiring, interminable 'press this number for...' I eventually got a biological entity.
(Me) I have just bought one of your telephone sets and there are two adapters. There is nothing in the manual or the box to tell me which adapter is for which phone. Can you help please?"

"What is your postcode caller?" she asked.

(Me) "What's that got to do with it?" says I. "I just want to know which adapter to use."

"I can't help you unless you give me your postcode sir."

(Me) "Why? Why do you want my personal information just to fulfill your sellers obligations? You do not need to have my postcode to tell me which one of your adapters goes where."

"I have to have your postcode sir." (Eh... I like that 'sir' bit, don't you? Warms yer heart doesn't it?)

(Me) "Well. you can't have it. Bye."

If the phone blows up they can have their wretched phone back.


Big Brother Big Business


22nd November

New site article
Meat and Feathers
A UFO sighting over Paraburdoo in North-West Australia

Series of Dreams
A facinating new article from Ben Fairhall.

Was it Ivan Milat?
"Link includes further articles from a VERY well informed INSIDER   including. Ivan Milat, the "Backpacker (serial) Murderer" was FRAMED  "


20th November

Blueprints in the Crop Circles
(google video)

Interview with Ben Fairhall on Occult of Personality

Meat and Feathers (site article coming soon)
A UFO sighting over Paraburdoo in North-West Australia

Pharaoh Jesus and the 9/11 Stargate. (WTC Pyramid: Part 1)
Jake takes this work to another level


16th November

A wonderfully light and informative page using metaphysics and numerology to reveal the occult energetic devices and imprints that affect and influence our world. Highly recommended.
Nubian time

Free Interview clips on UFOs, Extraterrestrials, Alien Abductions and Extraterrestrial Contacts!

9/11 Issues


14th November

Please watch this, live this and pass it along.
The Secret


13th November

Ex-Talksport radio host, Howard Hughes now has an internet radio show
The Unexplained

The Occult Significance of Blood
This lecture can be found in Supersensible Knowledge, whose lectures form part of Steiner's remarkable public lecture series given each year at the Architect's House in Berlin from 1904 to 1918.
Thanks J.


10th November

Saddam verdict timing 'suspect'
Former Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind has accused the US of delaying the verdict in Saddam Hussein's trial to coincide with the mid-term polls.
Look, it wasn't. Both of these, the verdict and the poll were timed to unfold at Samhain, the premier point in the Darkness' calendar, a time when their world and ours coincide, a portal (see below). Both Saddam and Rumsfeld are offered sacrifices to this deity. We await another to make 3, or even more ominously, two to make 4. The names Donald and Rumsfeld mean mighty world and Rumsfeld field, place or island of garlic respectively. Garlic has long been reputed to drive away vampires and serpents. Just using etymology the symbolism of sacrificing the name Donald Rumsfeld disposes of protection, our protection. Saddam (the mirrored Mabbus of Nostradamus some propose) means one who confronts or one who crushes. Hussein derives from Hasan, meaning beauty. This sacrifice crushes beauty - which is us, humanity.


9th November

The Blair Doctrine: blood and money
"John Pilger describes how the distintegration of real and mythical democracy in the United States influences British politics under Tony Blair, such as the reduction of Parliament to a 'craven talking shop' and the promotion of war and 'thoughtcrimes'."


8th November

Dan Burisch ~ Out from under Majestic
An astonishing interview with the former Majestic 12 member.
(Google video)

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Akhenaton the Ancient Astronaut and the 9/11 Stargate

Afghanistan after Democracy
"Afghanistan after democracy: the untold story through photographic images" is the story of suffering of the Afghan people." ~ Dr. Mohammed Daud Miraki


7th November

The Hidden Records
"A magnificent Ancient secret is about to be revealed"
~ Thanks Paul

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4th November

Review of Brian Allan's stunning new book, Rosslyn: Between Two Worlds

3rd November

'X-Files' claims over inventor's death

Feast of Samhain coming up
Samhain Full Moon 12.58, 5th November (Guy Fawkes night in UK)
Samhain build up began about 23rd October, peaks this year on the 24 hours of 4th, 5th (lunar) and 6th - 7th November (solar); there are other factors too (including the activities of the Pleiades). Samhain winds down to about 21/22 November. It takes in all of the Scorpio period and is a portal in time and space.

More on the Shy-ery Priory
Bloodline the Movie
Thanks Ben

1st November

The Missing Kids Website (UK)

'It's bigger than you think!'
"The Secret Zodiacs of Washington DC is a key text in what Michael Barkun has described as ‘one of the odder byways of contemporary conspiracy literature’: the study of the esoteric encryption secreted within architecture." from Ben Fairhall  more

Here's a sensible article worth reading
Da Vinci Code Caveat
Thanks Paul

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