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"Real vision is the ability to see the invisible" Jonathan Swift, author of Gulliver's Travels

Ellis C Taylor
Brian Allan
Only when you shine the light,
will you notice the shadows
An exciting line-up of speakers in London on 6th November - Definitely not to be missed!

Delamere Forest Incident

Encoded digital messages

Antarctic Forests Reveal Ancient Trees

Went to the QuestingConference in London Saturday. What an excellent day, full of rivetting information from some of the world's keenest researchers into the mysterious aspects of human endeavours and the natural world. Much of what was reported aligns very well with the main focus of this site, the existence of a natural force that certain elements of mankind have always worked with for both selfish and altruistic purposes. Sadly most of this has been conducted in secrecy, and the vast majority of human kind remains totally unaware of these energetic streams of influence. The packed audience, as usual, seemed to be comprised mostly of people who had their own personal experiences of the mysterious forces that guide and interfere with our world but I did speak to a couple of new explorers who were there to make their own minds up. That was encouraging.

On the way to the conference I had to change trains at King's Cross. This was about 8.30am. I was engulfed with the most ominous feeling that there was a terrible energy around. I was glad to get away from the place. But I wonder, was the sensation a premonition of the train crash that occured later on in the day at a level crossing. It was after all a train station I was in and the station's name included the word cross. I wonder if the name King will come up anywhere?
The crash occured right at the commencement of the real Samhain - dusk on the 6th November when the two kings cross - the Holly King takes over from the Oak King.
Train tragedy probe after six die
Postscript: The date was 6th November 2004, which is 6 11 6 by the contrived calendar, but there are other repeated numbers involved -powerful ones mostly to do with number 7. Others include 8 and 5. The numbers 6-11-6 give a mirrored 16. The train was the 17.35 from London to Plymouth.  The numbers add to 16. 6 people died on the Saturday and one on the Sunday - 1 and 6, 7 people. The day was Saturday - Saturn's day - Saturn is the 6th planet from the sun (1). This was a guerilla (short sharp and terrible) hit on the energy stream intended to shake the emotions of humanity. This probably means that we are in for the same tactic over the coming months. There is also a hidden 666 in the contrived (their design) date. The day was a 6, the year is a 6. This day, as mentioned above, is the very beginning of the true Samhain, the beginning of 6 months of the dark, and the end of 6 months of the light. The dark train blasted the light car off the track (energy stream).
The village of Ufton Nervet, where the crash happened may formerly have had Knights Templar connections but later it was certainly under the dominion of the Knights Hospitallers, a black and light order. The original church of Ufton Nervet was St John the Baptist - a symbol of the darkness triumphing over the light. His head was cut off. Ufton derives from Offa, who was a famous king of Mercia, but it is said that this particular Offa was another character. Still, Offa energetically aligns to who ever bears the name. And Offa also says 'offer'.
The person in the car was compelled subliminally to be positioned in that place. His energetic blueprint will align with the circumstances and particulars of this tragedy.
Whenever one of these horrendous events occur the intention is for humans to focus on the horror, immediately. To negate this evil it is imperative that our initail reaction must be to send our love and healing to everyone who is involved immediately we hear of it. The stream will be flooded with positivity and completely overcome their (really its) assault. For more on number 16 try the search engine located on the left of this page.

Beneath the High Sierra
A series of e-mails to Brian Allan over a period of approximately three weeks describing a correspondent's personal experiences of ET involvement in human affairs. And...what he says Tesla and Marconi have been up to in the rainforests of South America.

Will there be a war against the world after November 2?
"If George W Bush wins, according to a scientist I met, who escaped Nazi-dominated Europe, America will surrender many of its democratic trappings and succumb to its totalitarian impulses."

Pine Gap Underground Base

The South American Connection

Close Encounters - UFOs and Alien presence in India's heaven of culture and arts!
Country side village residents near Boalput in West Bengal are reporting strange activities in the sky surrounding the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore's heaven of cultire and arts - the Vishwabharati University in Shantiniketan!

The lure and the lair of the Dragon Queen
Mirror Mirror On the Wall, Who is the fairest of them all?
Condoleezza or Hillary?

Hope is at Hand

The A7O Incident ~ Scotland's first 'reported' UFO abduction

'Vampire' murderer dies in jail

Lost city of Atlantis found?

Right Brain ~ Left Brain (Bottom left of page)
An entertaining quiz to find out whether you are left or right brain dominated (at the time you try it.) ?

Colin Powell Quits
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Trump's Woes

Quick History Lessons
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Return to Loch Ness
"a return to a magical myth that has not disappeared "

The Souls of Animals

The Assassination of Arafat by Stuart Wilde
Editor's note: As already noted by several correspondents Arafat died at 3.30am (33) on  11th November 2004 (11 - 11 - 6). He was born at Lughnasadh, on the same day as the Queen Mother, 4th August (1929) - the 216th day of the year.(See Two Towers)

Magnetic North

Mack, the life
In snubbing professor John Mack’s memorial, ‘official Harvard’ testifies to the power of his brilliant unconventionality
UNSURPRISINGLY, nobody from "official Harvard" — the administration of Harvard University or of its Medical School — took the podium in Memorial Church last Saturday to give Dr. John Mack the kind of sendoff that this remarkable human being deserved.
site page on John Mack

Hunt for the Holy Grail

A review of the Probe International Conference 9th / 10th October 2004

Cellular Memory

Earthquake measuring 6.0 on Richter Scale shakes Dominica

Why are we obsessed with Jack the Ripper?