September 2002
27th September
"Stonehenge was built somewhere around 4000 years ago on Salisbury Plain.
To many, it's a mysterious and beautiful monument which holds historical, spiritual or strong heritage values. It attracts visitors from all over the world.
It was 'given to the nation' by Sir Cecil Chubb in 1918 and is now managed on the world's behalf by English Heritage. A further 1,400 acres surrounding the small 'triangle' of land on which the henge stands were purchased by public appeal in the 1920s so that the setting of the monument might be protected by the National Trust and be for ever safe from new development and the plough.

Now the Government plan to build a road which will run directly through the surrounding land running very close to the monument."
the plan
Thanks Ian
Well I never... What English Heritage calls the 'Gateway' will be built near Stonehenge.  To my mind, this will be part of their continuing desecration of one of the world's most precious sites. Other plans include a tunnel (would you believe) under the nearby existing A303., which extends from the M3. 
Hmmm...Stonehenge, gateway, M3, A303 (33) Amanda Dowler? -see article
The place is already infused with sickness, a heavy oppressivness. The 'Stones' are suffering and  I can hear them crying, as I am sure other sensitives can.
Stonehenge is a major, major power centre, we cannot afford to lose it or even let it suffer any more.  Please do all that you can to stop this.
A healthy Stonehenge is crucial to the well-being of Earth.

I once met a senior officer of English Heritage.  He was one of the very first people I have encountered whose overshadowing entity  I clearly saw. The thing came out, all over him, scanned the room and stopped at me, then retreated back.

(Another) Cop On Child Porn Charges
"A detective who worked on the investigation into the murder of teenager Danielle Jones has been arrested in connection with allegations of child pornography. " - thanks Peter
The Iraqi War Song
Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz.
Thanks Paul
25th September
As predicted in Anus Horribilis -Terrifying Old Woman
which was deleted from rumormillnews
Hillary Plans the Presidency

Scots cops in child porn probe
Officer faces child porn charges

23rd September

The Unbroken Circle

The head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales is under investigation after allegations that he of turned a blind eye to child sex offences. 

Diaries of Despair - Rally, March, Die-in

The Pedophocracy, Part I: From Brussels

22nd September
Town unites in prayer for Milly
In St Mary's, of course

Your Letters on Amanda Dowler

Site Article on Amanda

21st September
This is all so very sad.
We can all make our choice. Are we for good or for evil, for love, or for something destructive. Someone, perhaps many people, know who did this. they might even know something that seems of little importance. For God's sake, for your sake, you must summon the courage to come forward.
If you don't, no question, other kids will suffer the same inhuman treatment.
If someone knows something about this crime, yet keeps silent, as far as I am concerned they have chosen their ally, and it is not Love. They will answer for that.

Jail for Ainlee's killer parents
This dear little kid, suffered the most horrendous torture and abuse.
God bless you little darling, no one else seems to have.

How do you feel today? Going to forget about it, do nothing, let it happen again?


Donate 4 Free


Sex Attack Doctor Jailed
"Police said he was a member of what police called a "paedophile ring of professionals".
As Peter, the reader who sent this link in , says:
"So who were the others?"
And not just that. When are people going to realise that our systems are riddled with nasty people, who hide behind their illusory positions of integrity?
How many other 'untouchables' are out there, right now, commiting the most attrociouas crimes
with very little risk of ever being caught by our over-worked, indoctrinated but increasingly uneducated investigative bodies?
Even though police, priests, mgistrates, teachers and doctors are being exposed regularly now, these are only the lower levels.  There are numerous charges that media magnets, royals and aristocracy and top politicians have regularly been involved in abuse, rape and murder.
It's all becoming more believable now, isn't it?
20th September
I join everyone else in offering my sincerest condolences to the parents, sister and friends of Amanda Dowler. Police have restated their determination to leave no stone unturned in their hunt for these marauding killers. There are still very many rocks to lift. Anyone with any information at all must, MUST contact the investigators at once.  These people must be taken out of society where they can no longer constitute a danger to it.

19th September
My apologies for my absence. In the wee hours of Tuesday morning (17th September) I tried for a while to publish the alert below. It would not upload. Later I tried without success to publish again. Later the computer gave up the ghost altogether.
We're back!
Please read the alert under 17th September -it is now urgent, and I pray, not too late.
A Satire

Milly police examine human remains
BBC news24 reports said that the remains were discovered on Wedneday (not Thursday)
At the moment police are saying they are unsure who this is.
This discovery has been made (yet again) close to military establishments.
One thing of note is that Milly disappeared at the Spring Equinox, and this discovery has been made virtually on the Autumn Equinox.
Besides Milly, Danielle Jones may be another possibility. Yately (Gate-keepers line) is due west of where Danielle disappeared. Danielle disappeared 3 days prior to the Summer Solstice -midway between both Equinox'x.

17th September
As the Autumn Equinox draws near, may I remind everyone that this is a significant ritual time known variously as Mabon, Alban Elfed, Gwyl canol Hydref  and other local names.
The poor little lad who was found around this time, dismembered in the Thames at Tower Bridge, London  site article
This year it falls on 21st/22nd September. It is a festival that has been christianized to Michaelmass, in honour of St Michael.
September 21st is a Full Moon
Sabbats acknowledge important points in our journeys through time and space. They are energy crossroads where changes can be experienced, decided upon and enacted. Unfortunately many so-called pagans close their minds to the possibilities of dark forces using these powerful times, possibly due to religious persecution. History challenges this stance. Too many people have succumbed during sabbat times to ignore that there is evil at work too.
Caution, Love and a True Heart will counteract this.
Please prevail upon your loved ones to be extra cautious in the lead up to Mabon.

The Ted (Ex? FBI Agent) Gunderson Data Dump!
The Dick Cheney Deep Data Dump

Reno and the FBI know where most of the kiddie porn is located. It's encrypted on Usenet, i.e. on newsgroups - yet they won't prosecute even one usenet case

The Nebraska Connection.
-an explosive imbroglio shared by dick cheney and the Bush family

And more

Linda Minor Archives

16th September
Iraq -A Dossier by This Is The Real Truth Network
"In 10 days time, Tony Blair will publish a dossier on Iraq.  Here is ours.
Here is a dossier for Tony Blair - it is written in a format that should be
easily and quickly assimilated by MPs and Congressmen.  I recommend UK
people actually take this in person - it is possible to get results that
way, or fax it via www.faxyourMP.com (UK MPs only)"
With love and peace

15th September
"The CIA and Its Secret Experiments with MKULTRA & Germ Warfare.
America's Great State Secret"
by Gordon Thomas

IAMS Kills
"killing dogs and cats to make a better "pet" food."
Harry vows to 'finish Diana's work'

New crest for Harry's birthday

Who Really Murdered Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman? PART 2
by Joe Vialls

The Truth About 9-11? Uncomfortable Questions for Blair, Bush and The Media UPDATE
by Simon Robinson from This Is The Real Truth Network

14th September
"It's interesting that someone who police think possibly murdered and dismembered a young boy is about to be deported by immigration - despite her still being in custody and questioned by police! As with all these types of ritual murders, there's something that somebody doesn't want probed. Deporting this lady has the same effect as sectioning the caretaker in the Soham case in a secure mental hospital - guaranteed silence. " - Peter
Torso Suspect 'May Be Deported'
site article

Dalai Lama envoy visits Tibet

13th September
The Coming of the Dark Side and How We Can Defend Ourselves

Police ask for journalists' Soham notebooks
Detectives investigating killings ready to force compliance
So police are struggling for evidence -well what else does this say?
Surely this is not an insidious assault on free speech and justice using blackmail and up is down emotive tactics in an attempt to close down alternative sources of information.
12th September
One of the family liaison officers who supported Jessica Chapman's parents during the police investigation into her death has been arrested on suspicion of being involved with child pornography.

CCTV figure could be Milly

New 'moon' found around Earth

The Pollard Affair Never Ended!

War is Peace, which means villains are necessary.

10th September
"Sky News today stated that the police were certain the girls hadn't been murdered in either school buildings (the college+primary school) or any locations within the school property!  "
from a reader

Huntley arrives at court

dog diagnosis
"the close connection between dogs and their owners may even be able to help cure cancer"

"The findings will embarrass No 10. Mr Blair was accused yesterday of masterminding an "alarmist" propaganda campaign to win support for war on Iraq."

9th September
Amina Lawal - Another woman facing death by stoning
Please sign the petition against this horrible, barbaric,  state sanctioned murder. Amina has done nothing wrong.  She's had a baby out of wedlock -so what!

19-day-old Update on the search for Milly Dowler

8th September
Ex-arms inspector defends Baghdad

Brain washing America
"The puppet Bush regime is using new, aggressive forms of brainwashing to change the very way Americans think and feel. "
and relevant to where you live too

New Walls Encircle Pyramidal Complex at Giza
"...are the chambers of the deep being closed in the 21st century to students of world culture history who follow in the footsteps of explorers like Charles Piazzi Smyth and R.A. Schwaller de Lubicz, who entertained a higher meaning to Egyptian architecture? "

Police, Archaeologists Wary of Psychics' Theory of Smart Mystery

7th September
9-11 ..today is one. It is also a 29 and associated 16, so potentially involves loss of loved ones.


Also on the Glastonbury - Soham alignment -Rachel Manning
Any readers aware of other missing and murdered people connected to these alignments, or other alignments featured on this site?

all pets have souls

The Jewish High Holy Days

6th September

"Tony Blair says he is prepared to pay a "blood price"
Oh! ...with other people's lives.
If  Blair wants a fight so much, why doesn't he challenge Saddam to a couple of rounds in the ring?
Isn't it about time that normal humans stopped blasting 10 barrels out of each other for the sake of these maniacs?
Soham beat bobbies doubled
I dunno, this seems a bit like closing the stable door, after the horse has bolted, to me.
I'm sure that many people in Soham will be relieved, that they are going to get a more adequate police service; but what is so different about Soham, to many other similar sized places?
Perhaps the proximity of large numbers of transient US servicemen and women and that Soham lays smack on significant alignments has a bearing on this decision. Civilian police are generally barred from military establishments. My experience of US military establishments in the UK is that they are considered to be US territory. As for alignments, investigators don't appear to understand them, so ignore their significance, no matter how astronomical the chances of them occuring accidentally are.

The Failings of Conspiracy Theories
A response to the work of Joe Vialls

Update - Imaging Expert says (Bush 9-11) Photos are Staged Propaganda
Big-Government Bush Concentrates Power
ChemTrails - 80% population reduction of earth !!!
Dark Star Theory
Niburu  (or Planet X)  Explained  

4th September
Thames torso detectives fear repeat killings
site article on this case

The Blair government continues to insist that Iraq poses a threat to the Middle East, despite clear evidence to the contrary. from John Pilger

Girl to get tracker implant to ease parents' fears
This is exactly what many researchers have been warning about -using missing children to bring in a micro-chipped population. Think about it.
Now that this process presents a reality, do you think that child abductions will cease?
The most obvious result of this measure will be more murdered children. So, what is the real reason behind micro-chipping?
City find is Knights Templars' oldest London church

Robot seeks answer to pyramid mystery
30th September
Today, 30th September, marks a milestone for this site.
www.ellisctaylor.com is 2 years old.
A huge thank you to all my loyal readers. And very special thanks to the two readers who have helped to keep this site free wth their financial support (you know who you are).
If this site is to continue, then it needs readers who are prepared to help.
Also thank you to all of the other websites who have linked this site and its articles, especially www.davidicke.com
Also to:
Propagandamatrix  SteveSeymour  JimCairns  Thisistherealtruth  Acorn Dog Training  Crystalinks 
Conspiracyplanet  HiddenMysteries  Project Freedom  Counterpropaganda  Naturmedicine
Message to the Unborn  Rumormillnews
If any website has been omitted from the above list, please send in your URL and I will be glad to mention you.
The Sunday Mirror in Great Britain (Sunday 29th September 2002 -unfortunately not on its website) has run a story regarding two new witnesses who saw armed police arrest Barry George. George was convicted for the door-step assassination of TV presenter, Jill Dando (He also lost a subsequent appeal). The mainstay of the prosecution appears to be a gunpowder speck found on George's clothing. Police deny that their officers were armed. (Which has caused long-standing difficulty for many followers of this crime). Since when have police fronted up unarmed to arrest someone who is known (or suspected) to possess fire-arms? Unfortunately for the police and for those who are happy to see George blamed for this murder, one of the witnesses is a local vicar.  Other key elements of this trial deserve to be investigated -and the investigators and shakers as well. The BBC (who Ms Dando worked for) has (thus far) remained oddly quiet on this latest development.

The Mail on Sunday (UK) reports (29th September 2002) that "Police investigating the murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman are embroiled in an extraordinary High Court battle."
Although the Sunday Mail is aware of the details it is prevented from making them public.  A third (extremely shy) party has been turning itself inside out attempting to remain unknown.
"But we can disclose that nearly a month ago, at a hearing held in camera, Cambridgeshire Police applied for special powers.  The judge granted police those powers but the party to which the order applies has refused to comply."
The third party, which seems to be of major importance to the investigation and trial has managed to secure a wide ranging (and unprecedented) gagging order, and it seems police and the justice system are not anxious to insist on their compliance.
"The name of the other party involved, and even the name of the court where one hearing has already taken place, is covered by the judge's order."
The Mail on Sunday explains:
"The judge made his gagging order using the Administration of Justice Act 1960, under which information relating to the proceedings of any court sitting in private can be published except when it concerns minors, applications under the Mental Health Act or matters of national security."

Well done Ian Gallagher and Martin Smith and the Mail on Sunday

Maxine Carr: I Fear I Might Be Pregnant 

29th September
Evidence of worship of the Horned God in early Celtic London

Auto-erotic deaths linked to intrigues in British politics

flame magazine

Priest suspect in molestation taken off Alaska cruise ship

Florida girl still missing on 6th birthday
"Rilya Wilson should be turning 6 on Sunday, but the little girl whose disappearance went unnoticed by the state's child welfare agency has been gone so long, officials fear she may never have even turned 5. "

Soldier's body to be exhumed
"Detectives are also investigating three other deaths from gunshot wounds at the Royal Logistics Corps HQ (Surrey) over the past few years."
Rabid bat bites woman
"If this case is confirmed it will be the second known case of this strain of rabies being found in Britain."
Just a thought, but I wonder whether the introduction of this fatal disease is connected to the Channel Tunnel? Rabies is prevalent across Europe, but not the UK.

28th September
Milly's Parents Say Bye To Their Rose
"Milly Dowler's parents visited their murdered daughter's grave yesterday to say farewell with a single white rose."
"By a grim coincidence, it was revealed yesterday, the body of a murdered girl of 11 was dumped only yards from Milly's grave 42 years ago.The body of schoolgirl Brenda Nash was found in the (same) woods in 1960 six weeks after she was snatched from West London, raped and strangled."
Does any reader have any information on this crime?
Maxine Carr remanded in custody
The next hearing is scheduled to swap from the Manchester - Giza alignment to the Glastonbury line-up. diagram here

More horrific 2002 tragedies
Killer storm hits Nile ferry
Hundreds lost as Senegal ferry sinks