Blood on the Altar

Microbiologist Dr David Kelly a father of 3 girls was by consensus a lovely man with a solid steel backbone and equally resolute integrity. As an elite WMD inspector his determined interrogations drew admiration and respect from friends and foes alike. Always there was the danger of a bullet or a bomb but his quiet assurance saw him through. A job such as this attracts constant security surveillance both home and abroad, no question. So how did he come to be embroiled in allegations of loose lips and treachery?
Someone considered Dr Kelly's life so imperilled he was issued with a flak jacket and installed in a safe house. Dr Kelly was undoubtedly privy to seriously important information. So why was there no objection to him leaving the safe house? Who let him wander off to his doom?   

Kelly dealt with the foreign affairs select committee hearing on 15th July with his usual aplomb where he said he doubted he was the main source for Andrew Gilligan's 'Today' programme expose of Blair's Iraq War scroll shenanigans. I take that to mean that he knew exactly what he had disclosed. Being well versed with the machinations of government intrigue he guessed agents of the
near Longworth. It was Dr Kelly. Police said he was found face down and that he had removed his wristwatch and spectacles prior to slashing his left wrist with a knife. Next to his body was a packet of coproxamol painkillers. Three days after his interrogation by a parliamentary committee regarding his dealings with BBC reporter Andrew Gilligan Kelly was dead and the official view is that it was suicide.
Body matches Dr Kelly description
Arms Mole: Body found

"I come not to bring peace but a sword." The god of Pisces - Matthew 10: 34

The sword is now evidently the cross of Christianity, the symbol of this martial faith that has dominated the Age of Pisces.

David Kelly was a man of peace. His convictions prompted him to seek a faith more in keeping with his own.
In 1999 he joined the Bahá' faith.
Bahá'í Association
'manydark actors' had supplied the rest. 3 days later Doctor David Kelly pre-eminent biological weapons expert, privy to national and probably scandalous secrets, alleged blabbermouth security risk (whose security?) was dead. Drowned by the clatter of keys turning and drawbridges slamming in Whitehall and Washington we could only imagine the anguish of David Kelly's family. They had lost a husband, a father and a brother and World Peace lost a champion sacrificed quite literally to the Gods of War.

At around 3pm on Thursday 17th July David Kelly waved cheerio to his wife Janice and strode out into the cool damp Oxfordshire air. Dr Kelly's farmhouse home lies in the old village of Southmoor, which once upon a time was called Draycott Moor. http://web.ukonline.co.uk/sf.gray/jills.htm Announcing that he was going for a walk and inadequately dressed for the clime (just a shirt and jeans - no coat) that was the last time Mrs Kelly saw him alive. It was now very late. This was serious. Did Janice Kelly expect security services to be keeping an eye on him? Where did she think he was? David Kelly - Dai to his friends - had been missing for nearly 9 hours - after only popping out for a brief stroll. Did Dr Kelly's wife presume he was somewhere else, somewhere safe? When did she become anxious? How many phone calls did she make during those 9 hours? And who too? After all, this was not someone whose disappearance you could treat lightly. At 11.45pm police were called who despite the calamitous possibilities did not begin looking in earnest for him until the next morning, Friday.

At 9.20am the next morning police reported 'a grisly find' at Harrowdown Hill, overlooking the Thames
Kelly surely considered the deadly wrath he would unleash; for what is one more human life to mass murderers? Did a hit-squad lie in wait? Was he an unwitting victim of mind-controlled self-destruction? He talked of dark actors. Another name for an actor is an agent. Dark? Secret, sinister, evil - take your pick. It's a peculiar term, and clearly a code. Perhaps a dark actor could be a star, a constellation or star grouping, even a set who are known by the name of a star or troupe? Who knows, but this man had integrity and he had enormous resolve, which was frighteningly obvious to those who wished to silence him. To my mind he appeared more a candidate for murder than suicide. As so many have remarked, he was angry, not depressed. Angry people get even or become more determined. People like David Kelly don't wander down to the woods passing cheery hellos along the way and then slice away the happiness and security of those they love and care for. Police say that no one else was involved; an extremely quick call that surely clangs loud alarms for anyone who is at least partially awake. It's a piece of cake to wait around there well off the beaten track and accessible by various routes. The hill is very close to the river, if not by road the killer could have even arrived by boat -or left by it. They may even have arrived or left by hang glider (there's plenty of them around these days). Who'd notice in the dark? We're only a skip from Brize Norton airbase here and I know numerous 'retired' senior, service personnel and government types live in the area. There is one house, apart from Longworth Manor (and St Mary's bell tower - when is bell-ringing practice these days?) where I think a view of the scene might be had. It's across the A415 on Kingston Hill, in the small wood (just to the right of the road number in the map), high up. I don't think the view is good enough from the Maybush at Newbridge.

If Dr Kelly got to Harrowdown at about 4pm (1600) there was river traffic, maybe fishermen, walkers etc. Did no one see anything? It is possible, is it not, and in character, that Dr Kelly just wanted to sit and contemplate his next moves in this inspiring spot? Did he fall asleep - never to wake again when out of the night an unsuspected visitor came calling. Did Kelly carry a mobile phone? It seems likely that in his job he would have to. If so, whom did he call?

This is a strange place.
I've known people who have witnessed UFO's here. One terrified group of people had their engine stopped, with all their lights still on whilst a UFO hovered in front of their car. It was still light when a middle-aged couple were about to cross Newbridge suddenly another car sped over the bridge from the other side, straight at them and just disappeared into thin air. A friend of mine slowing down as he drove towards the bridge one night had to slam on his brakes when a soldier with a pike staff strode in front of him, stopped stared at him and then dematerialised. Yet another friend was driving up Kingston Hill when something grabbed his steering wheel trying to take control of his car. These kinds of incidents are regularly reported in places of high energy - ley lines and vortices especially. Harrowdown where Dr Kelly's body was found is very likely to be at the centre of this spiral.

Additional note: There is a local legend of the ghostly 'Headless Martin' who drives a phantom coach and 4 (horses) on foggy nights. I never realised this before but the similarities to Mars and Aquarius are striking. Headless Martin  the body of Mars. Fog suggests Aquarius, the water carrier. The Coach and 4  The Great Bear etc (see above) and Mars.
On 23rd July at (1400 BST) 1300GMT (MI6 and end - major symbolism) Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon visited the Kelly home in a black Vauxhall Omega.
Hoon visits weapons expert's widow
Hoon chastened by visit to widow's home

This I find interesting too, not just because the time of 1400 BST (1300GMT) seems popular in this tragedy but also because omega applies to the end and the car was black. Not least MI6 headquarters is situated in Vauxhall, London where it has a massive occult inspired building on the River Thames.

From the previous article on David Kelly:
More occult aspects of Dr David Christopher Kelly's discovery

Why did he take that lonely walk to that green hill far away? This was the Egyptian Goddess Isis' birthday, 17th July, she who appears on the 17th card of the Tarot, a card already shown to apply to Aquarius in previous articles. The area surrounding Harrowdown is replete with Goddess signatures.

On 19th July I wrote this on my headlines page:

He died under mysterious circumstances on a remote Marian Hill near the River Isis on that goddess's birthday. But Mary is clearly code for the Goddess of the blood-red planet Mars, and Mars rules the Hawthorn tree, otherwise known as May; and this is May country with its St Mary's at Longworth and the ancient Maybush Inn and Rose Revived on Newbridge nearby. Hawthorns will abound on Harrowdown. As most everyone knows by now, the planet Mars is closer to Earth than it has been for 73,000 years. Mars the god of war, a weapons inspector with a name that means war and he dies at the site of a civil war battle. We may be talking of a blood-sacrifice here. We await news.

The next morning (20th July) here in Australia my suspicions were confirmed. Dr Kelly it was reported had died from loss of blood due to a slashed left wrist. And I wrote:

Even the name Harrowdown Hill fits the circumstances and media reports during and after relate how 'harrowing' it had been for Mr Kelly, how 'down' he was. He was 'on a knife edge'. All could be associated with mind-control programming too; but as the occult agenda uses both means then clearly they felt the need to double up on this one.

Does it seem to be rather convenient that the approach of the planet Mars, symbol of war and the pervading presence of that god's wife Maia (St Mary's, Maybush, Rose Revived, her Egyptian counterpart, Isis -river and birthday, her Greek version Artemis in the names of the 3 pubs) come so neatly together in the tragic death of this senior weapons inspector, David Kelly? And then we discover that the wooded hill sits upon at least 3 sacred lines of energy.
(Two Celtic war goddesses are called Macha and Maeve)

(Mobilising word associations helps to disassociate intelligent human suspicions by confusing their intuition and instinct, their intuitive awareness and the programmed instinct, thus 'guiding' society to accepting the official line.) 

Beside Dr Kelly police discovered his watch, a knife, his spectacles and a packet of coproxamol tablets.

Again there are some questionable assertions coming from official quarters:
"The removal of the watch in this way and the removal of spectacles are features pointing to this being an act of self-harm." - pathologist, Nicholas Hunt. http://media.guardian.co.uk/Print/0,3858,4724838,00.html

I thought it was common for people to take off their watch and glasses when they went to sleep or wanted to meditate as well. Better keep yours on all the time - just in case - or they'll be putting you down as a suicide too one day.

Symbolically could there possibly be 2 more appropriate items than a watch and a pair of glasses for Dr Kelly or someone else to leave beside his body?

The watch, the glasses, the knife, the pads and the pills.

Watch: A symbol of time and time moving on. A cycle or a circle. The River Thames is also a symbol of Time, as is The Hermit mentioned above.
Isis' son Horus, from which we derive 'hours' and 'horizon' is a God of Time.
On the wrist a watch signifies that the wearer is bound by time. Off it suggests freedom from its demands. It might also mean 'no time left', especially as Dr Kelly wore the watch on his left wrist.

A watch may also apply to watching and in this way is similar to a pair of spectacles, which is an instrument of looking  inspecting, or even spying.

Glasses: But a pair of glasses has legs or arms so they can symbolise a weapons (arms) inspector, which of course was what Dr Kelly, did.

He'd clocked off, handed in his glasses. Or is that what someone wants you to think?

To remove a watch and cut the wrist may be an allusion to time as life ebbing away. Also a watch and a pair of glasses are 3 circles in material form. 3 circles are a mystical concept of time too, often a symbol allocated to the triple Moon Goddess  - Isis or Mary again perhaps. It also represents the 3 forces or states that govern nature: space, matter, energy; body, mind, spirit etc.
A triple circle is drawn using an athame, which is a knife (though I understand an athame is supposed to be blunt and not used for cutting. A white or black handled knife is the tool for that job I hear.)
Three circles are 3x360 = 1080

1080 miles is the radius of the moon.
1080 is the numeric equivalent of the Holy Spririt.
1080 is the numeric value of the Earth spirit.
1080 is the value of the fountain of wisdom.
From The Thirteenth Stone page 262

1080 is a lethal poison. http://www.predatordefense.org/issues/1080.htm
1080 is a half fraction of 2160, which is the number of years in a Great Month. (See above and Two Towers)
There are 108 stars in the sign of Aquarius - http://philologos.org/__eb-tws/chap22.htm
More on 1080 - An investigation into the relationship between Astrology, Alchemy and the Mystical - google cache
216 is code for the Precession of the Equinoxes and also bears relation to the Moon. Dr Kelly died 216 days prior to
"The Fornacalia" or "Feast of the Ovens". This is a celebration related to both Mars and Aquarius, as a celebration having to do with the daughter of Saturn. Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius. www.stardancer.ctshosting.com/dates/rd_2_17.htm

A knife is a weapon so in some respects is explanatory, but I'm not sure whether it was actually a knife that was found. Some reports just say a bladed object.

Regarding the 4 electrocardiogram pads, symbolically chest pads are armour as is the number 4, and Mars is the 4th planet from the sun - so again a connection to war. What shape they are I don't know, but that is very likely significant. If they are round or square that equals 1440 (4x360), which again is a sacred number:

The original grant of land to St Joseph for Glastonbury Abbey was said to be 12 hides -1440 acres.
Rosslyn Chapel was begun in 1440 http://www.fifthworld.com/traveltales.htm
1440 is also a symbol for time being the 12 hours before noon times the 12 hours after noon, and in this instance the 0 denoting a cycle.
Mars is 144 million miles from the sun
It is also connected to the Precessions and Aquarius  see Two Towers
The Language of Numbers

It is possible that Dr Kelly left his house at 3.15pm rather than 3pm. Or did he meet someone at this time? Either wouldn't surprise me; it's a time I've noticed frequently crops up. 3.15pm is 1515  ISIS.

The sacred numerics and geometry are massive in the circumstances of this case. I will leave it to someone who is more disposed to delve into this further.

Amongst the assortment of objects or clues left behind was a packet of coproxamol painkillers. I have not noticed any mention as to whether there were any tablets, or whether the contents and the packaging were intact or broken.

Tablets -what messages are written upon.
Isn't it just a little too convenient that the painkillers were coproxamol? Co-proxy  mol:

Co  together, joint
Proxy  An authorised agent.
Mol  mole, a secretive burrowing animal. But also used these days to indicate someone who reveals secrets. A label some quarters were pinning on Kelly. A burrow is an ass, which strikes another connection to Aquarius see above.

Clever calling card! If it was one.

A natural day is from dusk till dusk. Some have fudged this to mean from mid-day to mid-day. Modern societies who live by the clock and are governed by the rigours of the workplace start and end their day at 12 midnight. As I'm pretty sure that the calendar was contrived to fit a pernicious agenda the indications are that it uses the contrived calendar together with the natural rhythms of darkness and light. If correct this means that a sinister Lughnasadh would begin at dusk (or mid-day) 17th July (When Kelly disappeared). The feast night itself would be July31/August1st (When the Hutton Inquiry into Dr Kelly's death began.) and it would then continue until 14/15th August, which is a feast day for Hecate, the dark Goddess. The ancient celebrations last for 29 days - 14 days prior, then the non-day, followed by another 14 days.

The real Lughnasadh feast day is when the sun is at 15 degrees Leo. This year in England it will be
7th August, at about 11 pm, the date after Dr Kelly's funeral.

Dr Kelly's funeral service will be held within the timescale defined by mid-day to mid-day exactly on natural Lughnasadh celebration time, a non-day. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/3127605.stm It is also a 666 day:

6 August 2003  = 666 - 6 + 6 (August has 6 letters) + 6 (2003 = 2x3 = 6)
6 August 2003 = 6 x 8 x 2 x 3 = 288, which is twice 144  see above (August is the 8th month of the calendar) Which is all to do with Precessions and Aquarius. (8) Please see Two Towers

The Spiritual Significance of Mars the Beast Number 666 and Number 144000

Lughnasadh is an ancient harvest festival time having long associations with sacrifice and death. It also has intimate links to the practice of ploughing. St Columba, a dab hand at the old sacrificial rites himself wanted to change the name of Lughnasadh to "The Feast of the Ploughmen". (5) Lugh, the god who this festival time is named for, spared the life of the God Bres in exchange for advice regarding the task of ploughing. And David Kelly was found at a place called Harrowdown - a harrow is an agricultural implement used as part of the ploughing process. Lugh was a war God, like Mars.

The Lunar celebrations at this time of year are also important. This year the Lughnasadh Full Moon is 12th August at 04:47GMT - still within the main festival period.
This was a man who immediately prior to his after-lunch stroll had informed associates that he was eager to get back to Iraq. A fine, honest, loving and dependable family man who left no note for those who he adored. His daughter due to be wed in a short while. A man who talked of dark actors playing games. Who were they? And an experienced rambler who took off during inclement weather for a 2-hour hike wandering up the sodden hill to Harrowdown wearing a pair of shoes, a pair of jeans and a shirt.  Oh and as it turns out 4 electrocardiogram pads on his chest. Dr. Nicholas Hunt, the Home Office pathologist who conducted the autopsy, said that David Kelly had a "significant degree of coronary heart disease,'' How many people out there mill about with these things on their chests? Is it common? Was whistle-blower Kelly's death suicide?
Numerology  base values:
David 3
Christopher 3
Kelly 1
David Kelly 4
David Christopher Kelly 7
Doctor David Kelly 6
Dr David Kelly 7
I notice that Sky News are saying he was born on 14th - which is the Tarot Temperance. Although accepted by most to relate to Sagittarius it does incorporate Aquarian motifs - air (the wings) and water.

Numerology is a science that studies the interaction of energy through its harmonics using numbers. Basically your personal numbers attract like energies in order for you to attune with them. Dr Kelly's numbers are all over the circumstances of this tragic event which comes as no surprise to anyone who has studied the science of numbers.

At about 3pm BST on 17th July 2003 David Kelly left his Southmoor home and headed towards Longworth village where R.D. Blackmore, author of Lorna Doone was born. Depending upon his route, he passed stables on his right and then crossed the footbridge over the newly created A420 bypass. Here he followed a lane down to Hinton Road, which he crossed, and followed another road into Longworth village itself. Passing the school on his right (closed for the summer holidays) - the next turning right took him alongside the Blue Boar, which again is on the right. From here there is a track that passes farm buildings and cottages and leads to Harrowdown. The total distance is about 2 miles. A seasoned walker like David Kelly would do this at a leisurely pace in about 45minutes, maybe an hour. So if he left at 3pm he would arrive at Harrowdown around 4pm (1600BST). But how do we know that David Kelly walked there alone? It seems no one saw him heading for Harrowdown except a rare friendly local farmer by the name of Paul Weaver - an unfortunate name in these circumstances. But we'll take that as a coincidence. (1) David Kelly spoke to him on the way but he noticed nothing unusual. Did he spot his scant dress? Dr Kelly smiled and bade him a cheery hello as he bore towards oblivion. http://www.scoop.co.nz/mason/stories/HL0307/S00165.htm

What happened to Kelly during those 18 hours he was gone? Why did police immediately state that no one else was involved and why do the delicate flowers of the mainstream press follow that line to such an excruciating degree? Especially as this seems to be something to consider:
Kelly Affair: It's Almost Impossible To Die From Slashing Your Wrists
Southmoor 8
Southmoor, Oxfordshire 4
Draycott Moor 3
Longworth 5
Harrowdown 3
Harrowdown Hill 7
See 'Living in the Matrix ~ Another Way' for full information on the incisive numerology used in this article.

David Kelly's biography
Occult aspects regarding the events pertaining to Dr David Kelly's death.

Two very significant events are unfolding at this time. One is our transit from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius during the Precessional change.  The other is the approach of the planet Mars. Both are expected to have massive impact upon the Earth's energy systems. Both have been venerated and expected by mankind from antiquity. Mars is considered to be a phallic
symbol and its approach to earth an act of union with the Earth Goddess. Others are convinced that this War God calls forth its legions and that current events are the resulting actions of that. Should we find any correspondences with any of these two 'dark actions' then we dare not dismiss the possibility that Dr Kelly's death may have a more sinister explanation.

1) Dr Kelly was a weapons inspector so by his vocation and his surname, which means war, he was connected to Mars who is the Roman God of War.

2) David means beloved. It may also derive from Dubhe, the brightest star in the Great Bear constellation
and the asterism 'The Plough". The Great Bear is a decan of the sign Cancer but Aquarius is considered to express the universal consciousness of the Great Bear. Dr Kelly died during the astrological time of Cancer. Dubhe is "Credited with the destructiveness of Marshttp://www.astrograph.com/AstroJuly.htm

3) Dr Kelly's middle name Christopher means Christ bearer. In legend St Christopher carried The Christ across the river so therefore Christopher is a water bearer, which is Aquarius.

4) Dr Kelly lived near the Wagon and Horses pub in Draycott Moor, now known as Southmoor.
Immediately connections arise with the planets here. The Wagon and Horses are the asterism The Plough a component of
The Great Bear (Ursa Major). The Plough is also called Rigel, Woden's Wagon, Arthur's Wain, Charles' Wain, Set, King David's Chariot, Great Chariot, Heavenly Wain, Car of Osiris, Boat of Osiris, Emperor's Chariot and Litter of Lazarus. (see 2)
A Wagon and Horses is also the war chariot, The Chariot in the Tarot, which is associated with Mars (and also Cancer - July).

5) South, as in Southmoor is the direction of Aquarius, the water carrier.

6) The planet Mars was in Aquarius in July 2003, when this all happened.

7) Also in the village of Southmoor the hairdresser' shop is called Aquarius. This seemingly banal piece of information was noted by one of the BBC articles on Dr Kelly's death.

8) Aquarius rules the circulation of the blood. http://shadowcraft1.tripod.com/temperance.htm
Dr Kelly was found with 4 electro cardiogram pads on his chest and he died (they say) from a slashed left wrist. The left hand comes under the direction of Mars, ruler of emotions. http://www.acacialand.com/ethno.html

9) Another card associated with Aquarius is The Star. This is the 17th card of the Tarot and the 17th is the day that Dr Kelly disappeared and may have died. (He was also born on the 17th - 17th May 1944)

10) In the original Greek zodiac Aquarius was alternatively symbolised by the horse (wagon and horses pub), and fish or a boar (Blue Boar Pub) signified Pisces. Dr Kelly first passed the Wagon and Horses and then the Blue Boar on his way to Harrowdown. While we (Sun and Earth) are passing from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, Dr Kelly passed in the opposite direction. David Kelly was a more regular patron of the Hinds Head in Kingston Bagpuize. The Hind is also an astrological motif this time for Capricorn. All 3 appear to make a neat little equilateral triangle. The Bear, the Boar and the Hind are sacred to the woodland, war, medicine and wild hunt goddess Artemis, whose special night is 6th night of the New Moon (which was 4th July in 2003). The Hawthorn is sacred to her. Artemis' alter ego Hecate is celebrated at the end of Lughnasadh (see below). Hecate is a goddess of crossroads. Harrowdown is at the cross roads of leylines.

11) The Blue Boar is a sign of Druidic high office and is sacred to Mars and the goddess, who is Diana (Artemis etc).http://www.dragoncourt.org/pubasset/chap_2_02.asp

12) Mars is numerologically 77 (As is David Kelly)- it is associated with the number 9. Harrowdown Hill totals 9. The 9th card of the Tarot is "The Hermit", he who goes alone in search of truth - and The Age card.

Meanings of names:

Dr David Christopher Kelly
David means beloved or friend. May also derive from the star Dubhe (which may possibly have a connection to Dohv - Hebrew for Bear) in the asterism 'The Plough' and the constellation 'The Great Bear. These stars are in the sign of Cancer.
Christopher means Christ bearer and is associated with Aquarius through the legend of St Christopher. But a more obvious link to Christ-bearing is the Ass who is represented in the stars as Asellus Borealis and Asellus Australis. These two stars are also in the sign of Cancer (see above). http://www.winshop.com.au/annew/AsellusBoreali.html
Kelly means war in Irish or wood in Scottish.
Southmoor  moor in the south
Draycott Moor (Southmoor's alternative name)  I've found several alternatives for the name Draycott. Peaceful retreat, Secluded spot, 3 cats and 3 cottages but as the local inn is called the wagon and horses and the village lies on a busy thoroughfare to the west country I'd be more inclined to say that the name suggests a place where drays are kept. Drays of course being carts or wagons.
Born 17 May 1944 (22/4)- Taurus
Died 17 July 2003 (2) - Cancer

Number 17 = 8 by natural addition

Pulse Number:
Dr David Kelly 11/2.
Harrowdown in the background
MI6 HQ Vauxhall
Occult edifice
A few weeks ago I became aware of a hexagram pattern spread across the lower half of England. I've drawn it out. 3 of the points terminate at places where something nasty happened to young boys called Daniel. These 3 places form a perfect equilateral triangle - 3 angles of 60 degrees - 666 (Another Precessional code - see To Please the Gods)). Each side is 176 miles long according to the map (1760 yards is one mile - (Latin, a thousand) which may indicate a link to an Age. If the distance is 175 miles, then numerologically this matches the letters A, G and E - AGE. Hexagram
The alignment (s-d) comes through Stonehenge, and then drives through two White Horse hills, Blenheim Palace and a number of other key places. It also runs through where David Kelly lived in Southmoor, the Wagon and Horses Pub over the road, and may well snake its way through Newbridge, and most likely through the farm east of Newbridge - judging by its name (Stonehenge). More alignments

Blood on the altar

One of the most alarming details I have discovered regarding David Kelly's death is that a Harrow is an ancient name for an altar. The Down part just means hill. (Up is down - classic mental gymnastics.) http://home.earthlink.net/~odindis/main.html

Edited from previous article on David Kelly:
In season Harrowdown has its blood from foxhunting and shooting. It is an historical haunt for the Old Berks Hunt, who used to have their kennels at Hinton and Kingston Bagpuize. The British Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd, then head of MI6, very nearly moved to Longworth whilst still in office. The Colditz escapee and MP Airey Neave, who they say was assassinated by the INLA, lived in the next village to Longworth, Hinton Waldrist and is buried there. Margaret Thatcher unveiled a stained glass window in the (St Margaret's) church at Hinton that had been commissioned in his honour. (an energetic correspondence possibly indicative of a majickal intent. (2)   map

Dr Kelly was an active local historian I understand; would he have known anything about occult practices, or the meaning of the word harrow? Maybe. Was this an ancient ritual site? The evidence certainly points to it. Did he choose to sacrifice himself upon this ancient altar? Or did another force conversant with the energies thus far described do it for him? Perhaps his mind was directed to commit this act by some unseen force of government or otherworld? Increasingly people are coming to understand that both scenarios are possible. To some, those in the know, it is more than that. It is highly likely.

There can be no doubt that peace and sanity are more distant prospects without Dr Kelly. It is also very plain, judging by recent events, that powerful elements are very glad that he is no longer with us. People like Dr Kelly with integrity and the courage of their convictions don't very often slip through into positions where they can oppose or delay the conquest of humanity and the destruction of this planet. David Kelly did; and he exposed the ranks of evil masquerading as saints. My God, even some of the blind can see now.

David may appear to have succumbed to the Go-lie-eth for now but in the long run I think we'll find his stone hit the mark.

Ellis Taylor
7th August 2003

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1)These are purely questions, not accusations. I don't recall seeing any detail on Mr Weaver's sighting or meeting with David Kelly. How close to Dr Kelly was Mr Weaver when he saw him? Can he say for certain that it was Dr Kelly? And when we consider how easy it is for someone to be manipulated into believing something they haven't really seen, can we ignore the possibility that might have occurred? I'll stress here again, I am definitely not accusing Mr Weaver of anything at all. I am merely showing the energetic connections that are apparent.
2)This is the same principle as seen with the Tom Kelly fiasco where T. Kelly calls D. Kelly a 'Walter Mitty' character. If you are alert you will notice this sort of energy interaction and synchronisation at work frequently. This natural process is one of the commonest methods of energy manipulation employed by the aware to intentionally elicit desired results.

Kelly comments 'not approved'

3) In 1998 Dr Kelly told a French conference that he had found evidence of Iraqi research into 'Camel Pox' - a camel is an Aquarian symbol - a water carrier http://www.fas.org/news/iraq/1998/11/05/981105-in.htm

4) From Gardner's Book of Shadows: http://www.witchery.com/gardner1.html

Power is latent in the body and may be drawn out and used in various ways by the skilled. But unless confined in a circle it will be swiftly dissipated. Hence the importance of a properly constructed circle. Power seems to exude from the body via the skin and possibly from the orifices of the body; hence you should be properly prepared. The slightest dirt spoils everything, which shows the importance of thorough cleanliness.

The attitude of the mind has great effect, so only work with a spirit of reverence. A little wine taken a repeated during the ceremony, if necessary, helps produce the power. Other strong drinks or drugs may be used, but it is necessary to be very moderate, as if you are confused, even slightly, you cannot control the power you evoke.

The simplest way is by dancing and singing monotonous chants, slowly at first and gradually quickening the tempo untill giddiness ensues. Then the calls may be used, or even wild and meaningless shrieking produces power. But this method inflames the mind and renders it difficult to control the power, though control may be gained through practice. The Scourge is a far better way, for it stimulates and excites both body and soul, yet one easily retains control.

The Great Rite is far the best. It releases enormous power, but the conditions and circumstances make it difficult for the mind to maintain control at first. It is again a matter of practice and the natural strenght of the operators will and in a less degree of those of his assistants. If, as of old, there were many trained assistants present and all wills properly attuned, wonders occurred.

Sorcerers chiefly used the blood sacrifice; and while we hold this to be evil we cannot deny that this method is very efficient. Power flashes forth from newly shed blood, instead of exuding slowly as by our method. The victim`s terror and anguish add keeness and quite a small animal can yield enormous power. The great difficulty is in the human mind controlling the power of the lower animal mind. But sorcerers claim they have methods of effecting this and that the difficulty disappears the higher the animal used and when the victim is human disappears entirely. (The practice is an abomination but it is so.)

Priests know this well; and by their auto-da-fes, with the victims` pain and terror (the fires acting much the same as circles), obtained enormous power.

Of old the Flagellants certainly evoked power, but through not being confined by a circle much was lost. The amount of power raised was so great and continous that anyone with knowledge could direct and use it; and it is most probable that the classical and heathen sacrifices were used in the same way. There are whispers that when the human victim was a willing sacrifice, with his mind directed on the Great Work and with highly skilled assistants, wonders ensued-but of this I will not speak.

5) When Columba established his monastery on The Isle of Iona a monk called Orin was purposely buried alive beneath its foundations.
The Biggest Secret by David Icke

6) "Aquarius lies between Capricornus and Pisces, an inconspicuous though interesting area of the heavens. Not only interesting in the wonderful objects contained within its borders, but also fascinating for the fact that on the 1st of October 1672, Mars occulted the star Psi Aquarii. Flamsteed predicted it and observations by Richer in France allowed later astronomers to calculate the mean motion of Mars and hence determine the mass of the Earth and our distance from the Sun." 
- from an article no longer current on Auckland Astronomical Society website cached by Google

7) On Friday 15th August I had one of my occasional meetings with a psychic source to whom I posed a number of questions; some of which concerned Dr Kelly's disappearance and death. Make of the information what you will:

On David Kelly my source had this to communicate:
David Kelly was murdered. Initially he intended just a short walk not venturing of the tarmac at all. During his walk he felt he would like to go to Harrowdown - he thought just to contemplate and admire the view. Once he had been steered to Harrowdown he was killed - not by drugs or blood loss, but by electronic means delivered by something allied to (or could even be) HAARP. It was indicated to me that the 4 patches were essential to this operation. This was all performed according to ritual though no other human being was at the scene. Apparently no physical wound is left through this means and no one will come to book for it.

A brief account of my meeting with this psychic source is currently available on the forum. Details will be published on this site at a later date.

8) This is the 58th anniversary of the American atomic bombing of Hiroshima (6th August 1945). This date was numerologically  a 6, an 888 day and a 33 day. The aeroplanes used were B29's - note the recurring 29 -see other articles on this site. Although the first bomb 'Little Boy'  was delivered at 8.16 local time it was actually about 23.30 G.M.T. on 5th August (5-8 = 58th see above). Midnight 5/6th August would be out on a longitude just west of the Azores -right in the middle of Atlantis. Atlantis some say was destroyed by nuclear war. In any event this was the modern world's worst example of the use of Weapons of Mass Destruction to date - and Dr Kelly  was buried on this day. Do you find that as nauseating as I do?

David Kelly could not have become this potential nemesis for the Ill-uminati if he had not risen through their system in the first place. A greater power put Kelly in this position, a position where he was able to do them serious damage. Undoubtedly there are more Dr Kelly's to come.

For more information on the role of Atlantis in the current world crucible, and the events leading up to it I recommend Michael Tsarion's book "Atlantis - Alien Visitation & Genetic Manipulation"

216 days from David Kelly's funeral lands us in tha Baha'i faith's "Nineteen Day Fast" and the Festival of Mars (March 8/9)
R. Lewis, the author of The Thirteenth Stone has published his entire book on the net.

"The complete text of The Thirteenth Stone has been made available on the Internet for a number of reasons, not least of which is my conviction that attempts will be made to prevent its distribution by other means." R. Lewis

They have been - Ellis

(Lewis da Costa (R. Lewis)

More information:
Dead Microbiologists Linked To Ethno-Specific BioWeapons
Microbiologist Death Toll Mounts As Connections To Dyncorp,Hadron, Promis Software & Disease Research Emerge
Tribute to 'remarkable' Kelly

Dr David Kelly told a UK diplomat he would probably be "found dead in the woods" if the UK invaded Iraq,
20th August 2003

'Found dead in the woods' by Biroco - "The question they (journalists)should be asking that they are not asking is purely contextual in nature: who else was found dead in the woods?"

Text of 'death in woods' e-mail

The Secret Life of David Kelly by Gordon Thomas http://www.gordonthomas.ie/

REMOTE MIND CONTROL WEAPONS - This is a mirrored page from Project Freedom, a site that has suddenly gone down (circa 23rd August 2003) amid rumours that the webmaster has been sentenced as a criminal lunatic.
Details here: http://www.missingpersons-ireland.freepress-freespeech.com/BreakingnewsfromIreland.htm

Kelly family points finger at MoD

Non-lethal electromagnetic weapon

The Secrets of Mind Control
The Hutton Inquiry

Terms of Reference:
"...urgently to conduct an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of Dr Kelly."

Listen to him talking to Alex Jones on US radio

`Kelly was Murdered' Says UK Intelligence Insider


WATCH Alex Thomson's CHANNEL 4 FILM from Tuesday 9 February


Fatal Exposure
"The scientist being filmed at his cottage in the English countryside couldn't be more relaxed. As he sits in his comfy chair, surrounded by his library, he's the very picture of urbane charm. So it's startling to consider that, a month after he gave this interview, Dr David Kelly would leave this cottage, walk across the fields to his favourite wood and kill himself."

New doubts over Kelly
A letter to the Guardian from Rowena Thursby Tuesday September 28, 2004

C Stephen Frost ~ Specialist in diagnostic radiology
David Halpin ~ Specialist in trauma and orthopaedic surgery
William McQuillan ~ Specialist in trauma and orthopaedic surgery
Searle Sennett ~ Specialist in anaesthesiology
"...it is possible that Dr Kelly had ingested not a third but a thirtieth of the amount needed to kill him."

Dr. Kelly's Death - A Vile Coverup In The UK
"[The letter reproduced below, signed by seven eminent medical specialists, was at first accepted for publication by the Guardian newspaper for publication but higher ups overruled and the letter was rejected. These gentlemen are trying valiantly to force the government to conduct a proper investigation starting with an inquest. - Jim Rarey]"

Added 5th December 2009:
Dr Kelly WAS Murdered and There has to Be a New Inquest, Say Six Top Doctors

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