Encounters with Otherworlds & Entities at the Probe International UK Conference:
Part 2

Part 1 - Introduction

INTRODUCTION TO ARTICLES Please read before proceeding
I will open my mouth in a parable: I will utter dark sayings of old:
  Which we have heard and known, and our fathers have told us.
- Psalms 78.2-3

Fort Hood the most obvious bubble (signal in the noise) yet.

I'll begin this article with a couple of snatches from my last article, It's Time, which was published on 27th October.

"...something IS going down and there is a culmination precisely at this time, specifically HALLOWEEN, which is 7 days before SAMHAIN. The most highly charged number frequency of them all, number 7, is all over this date, and incidents leading up to it."

"What does make reading all of this difficult (other than I'm on the outside looking in rather than being in on it) is that number 7 is THE number of secrets and silence; the frequency of activities that occur out of sight."

The reason that I am doing this is not to skite about how clever I am - because I'm not. I just report what comes to me psychically and then I do my best to present it in a way that is comprehensible.

In these opening paragraphs to It's Time I was stressing how number 7 (and the frequencies that this number describes and motivates) are so hugely significant to the immense occult spell that we are currently witnessing but the vast majority of people are not seeing. Three articles that I have written recently have sought to address that. They are, in order:

Michael X Mary & Joseph
A Year of Tears & Tears.
It's Time

Please read them...and then read them again.
IN THESE SIGNS CONQUER ~ Revealing the secret signs an Age has obscured by Ellis C. Taylor
LIVING IN THE MATRIX ~ ANOTHER WAY: Numerology for a New Day by Ellis C. Taylor
DOGGED DAYS ~ The strange life and times of a child from eternity. Paranormal experiences with Extraterrestrials, Humans,& Beingsfrom other worlds and dimensions By Ellis c. Taylor
THE ESOTERIC ALPHABET by Ellis C. Taylor (Free Ebook)
The Wake Up Call conference, Kirkaldy, Scotland
Books by Ellis C. Taylor
by Ellis Taylor

Encounters with Otherworlds & Entities at the Probe International UK Conference: Part 1
Ellis Taylor
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Numerologically 'Bell County' gives 39 -16, these are numbers that are specific in several ways to the alleged perpetrator, 39-year-old Nidal Malik Hasan; and a more revealing set of numbers you'd not meet when it comes to alerting people who know about these things that something dramatic is about to occur - but still secretly or under cover. (They describe the steps to the castle - fort in this case - of the Lightning Struck Tower of the Tarot. The TEMPER card. Number 16 adds to 7. The very next step takes us into the otherworlds and netherworlds of 40-7, 40 days and 40 nights, the portal codes of 4 and 7.
I'll just mention that there is a lot of advanced numerology in this article but it would take far too long to go into, and be much too involved, so I will ask you to forgive me as I just outline the basics.

I've already noted the 'Hood' clue on the 6th November Features page. What is a hood? It is something that covers the head. Even though mind isn't in the head it is conventionally used to represent it. Hood gives 77. Fort Hood gives 22-77.
This date is also the Ancient Egyptian Epagomenal Day (a day out of TIME) when they celebrated the birth of their 'divine child' god Horus, their Apollo, and today’s Michael Jackson. It was exactly 19 weeks (the number of the Tarot Sun card depicting the 'divine child') - 19x7 days, after the day that MJ died. In 2009, the 15th July was the 6th anniversary of the submission deadline for the farce that is the Olympic city bidding process. There were the 2012 numeric 1 year, 11 months, 21 days or 722 days between the deadline and the announcement that London was to hold the Games 7 and 22 (i.e. 7 + 4)!!
Do you know people still believe that London got the Games through a voting procedure? Honestly, it's true!

Oh, ...and there are 3300 days between the 15th July (22) deadline and the Games opening ceremony (7).

In England 15th July is St Swithuns Day when folklore has it that if it rains that day it'll rain for another 40 after that. St Swithun was ordained the Bishop of Winchester for Halloween in 852, which emphasises for me that the legend is a cloaked hint of portals and interdimensional activity with rain - water - 7 and 40.It was 2977 days after 11th September 2001 (29 and 77 - numbers that will strike several chords once you've read Michael X Mary & Joseph, A Year of Tears & Tears and It's Time) and 16 weeks (16x7) and one day after Nidal Malik Hasan, who'd only just been made up to Major, arrived at Fort Hood, and took up residence in the town of KILLeen that he rose from an empty table - π - (and a Last Supper-type moment) and shot 43 people (7).
It was 13.34 (CST) - that’s 4 and 7 = 11 on 5th November 2009 = 5+11 = 16 = 7

The rain of fire started precisely 6660 minutes (111 hours) after the start of Halloween in London (Saturday, 31st October 2009, 16:35) - a 16 date = 7. The time when the Oak and the Holly Kings of ancient lore struggle for dominance. Remember, despite appearances, London is where it’s at.

Nidal Malik means 'Struggle of Kings'. His father's name was Malik Hasan, from the meaning of which it is not hard to derive 'Divine King' or 'Sun King'. His son then would be (symbolically) the 'divine child'.

On the 7th November (Samhain climax) Nidal Hasan regained consciousness. Samhain-tide is celebrated as the rebirth of the spirit and the mind.

Samhain ends about 22/23rd November. As I have admitted before, I'm only on the outside looking in so I can only provide informed guesses but there are some more frequentially potent dates to negotiate before that day comes and I will be aiming positive energy towards every one of them. If the 7-theme continues then the 11th, 12th, 16th, 21st, 22nd are four of them.

© Ellis Taylor
11th November 2009

Please continue to
Ex-sept in F8
(Stepping out of 7 and into 8)

Articles in this series:
Michael X Mary & Joseph
A Year of Tears & Tears.
It's Time
Fort Hood the most obvious bubble (signal in the noise) yet.
Ex-sept in F8 (Stepping out of 7 and into 8)

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In the ground-breaking numerology book LIVING IN THE MATRIX I outlined some basic meanings of number 7:

Number 7Higher perception

Ahead of its time, alone, aloof, analytical, avoids showing emotion, calculation, cautious, charm of manner, clairvoyant, classical, cold, countryside, cruel, cynical, detached, detection, difficulties in the material world, dignity, discerning, discovery, discriminating, dislikes crowds, dismissive, drugs, easily bored, eccentric, elitist, explosive, health, hidden energy, hidden motives, hides true feelings, furtive, history, intelligence, intense, introspective, inventive, investigative, lacks communication skills, lacks self-confidence, liquids, literature, mean, meditation, misunderstood, mystery, mystical, nature, natural therapies, needs own space, nerves, nostalgic, observation, occult, panoramic view, patience, perfectionist, prefers to teach self, pride, psychic, quiet, religious, remote viewer, research, reserved, resolute sarcastic, sceptical, scientific, secretive, sees beyond, self-control, sensitive, serenity, shrewd, shy, silence, skilful, specialist, spiritual, spiritual understanding, stoical, study, suspicious, teacher, technology, temper, tests and trials, thinker, too trusting, unbending, unpredictable, unreasonable, unsociable, vain, visionary, water,  wisdom.

These are not my own interpretations of what number 7 means they are the collected wisdom of thousands of years. So let's not hear any nonsense about making things fit. The difficulty we have in describing the characteristics of numbers is the limitations of the written word. Numbers operate on every frequency and sense well above and beyond the bounds of the intellect. Numbers need to be 'felt', envisioned, infused.

Reading the list of meanings above we can easily see the kind of personality, motivations and vocations that a number 7 frequency would be drawn to. Every number has light and dark potentials.

Number 7 has the ability to shine light into the dark places. It is a number of the 'mind' rather than the physical realm. Psychics, mental health professionals, investigators, researchers, secret service, people who work underground, and academics are all examples of number 7 vocations.


Number 7 is all over this huge and gathering rite, as you will see when you read the articles listed above. (Master Numbers are too. Master Numbers are series of repeated numbers like 111, 22, 3333, 444, etc. They describe intensely focussed frequencies according to the numbers. )

2005 London Terror campaigns

I've mentioned the 777 London bombings in my past articles - 7th July 2005, numerologically 7-7-7. The targets were UNDERGROUND trains and a bus that blew up at Tavistock Square - The same name as the Tavistock Institute, a MENTAL research and control organisation at 30 Tabernacle Street - the same number as the bus. 'Bus' is 'sub' in reverse, which means 'UNDER' but that is one of the least of the cryptic clues to this vicious occult TIME rite.

Sign of Time (this inserted part was added 13th November)

There were 4 bombs, 1 on a bus and 3 bombs on 3 trains (1 + 3). Witnesses, who had been sitting on the trains reported explosions coming from outside the carriage, UNDER the floors and holes in the floors. A photograph of one gaping hole in one carriage floor supported this allegation. Of course these 'details' belied the official back-pack carrying 'suicide bomber' story.
All three of the trains had left from Kings Cross station and it was reported that the bus had passed through the area. But the bus had its own King's Cross signal in the shape of a white van that belonged to a demolition firm called KINGSTAR (A cross is also a star). Ask yourself who was the KING STAR who has just passed away and whose last days and passing were shown in A Year of Tears & Tears to be in timely accord with this atrocity.  I'll be clear here: I do not suggest that the firm had anything to do with the atrocity, but I do suggest that the symbolic message that it carried was a part of the process. The van looks to be a FORD, but I haven't found anything to confirm this. If it is it is obviously another significant correlation. What does match with the star-crossing very well is that the bus was blown up opposite a 'T-junction' and next to a zebra crossing.
On the left side (sinister side) of the bus was an advert that shouted loud, "Outright Terror Bold and Brilliant". On the off-side (starboard) of the bus was another giant 'T' shape. Letter 'T' is the Greek and Semitic letter Tav, the 19th letter of the Greek alphabet and the 22nd and last of the Semitic ones. Now look at the name of the place where this crime took place -  TAVistock Square.

"Tav: Literally, this means "mark" or "sign," and it is also a symbol for "vehicle of sacrifice." http://shekinah.elysiumgates.com/hebrew.html

Tavistock is 'TAV is TOCK'...TAV is TIME: A SIGN of TIME or a MARK of TIME

The figure of 'T' is also the shape of a square used by architects, planners and draughtsmen - A 'T-Square'.

(Insert ends)


When number 7 and number 22 get together they describe the mathematical constant pi (π) - which resembles 2 Ts together, don't you think? I've written about pi too. It has been shown to have been used (and they showed us) in the construction of very ancient structures like Stonehenge π, which is a gateway, a portal, a time-machine. 22 and 7, and also 4 and 7 together are frequencies that create portals and the people who can move through them. (There were 4 bombs on a 7 day and 7 month.) Number 11 is THE portal number it seems best accessed (maybe only) by numbers 22 and 7 or numbers 4 and 7 - but the number four has to be recognised in a different form. I've written about this in my 'revelations' book, IN THESE SIGNS CONQUER.

Did you think that the Darkness invoked the fourth of July U.S.A.I.D. just for arbitrary reasons?

Both 22 and 7 also have to do with water... remember this because I feel it will be important very soon.

Jean Charles de Menezes

On the 22nd July 2005,  (22-7-7), 14 days (2x7) after the London bombings Brazilian man Jean Charles de Menezes, who was born on a 7 day (7th January 1978), was shot 7 times in the HEAD by UNDERCOVER officers on an UNDERGROUND train at StockWELL (11-9) train station. They weren't police, no matter what you have heard, according to an informed source.

An inquest into Mr de Menezes killing was begun on 22nd September 2008 - 'Septem' means 7 and it was the 22nd. It was the Autumn Equinox. On 12/12/2008, a 7 date, the jury returned an open verdict after being ordered by the court not to say that Jean Charles de Menezes was unlawfully killed. The verdict was reached exactly 177 days after de Menezes was killed.

I've written much more on these incidents in the previously mentioned articles. I just wanted to set the scene a little before we got onto the Fort Hood mass-acre.

[Mass-acre: An acre is a measurement of land but hiding within that meaning is that it also has to do with TIME. An acre of land was calculated from the amount of land that one man and one ox could plough or till in a day. An 'acre' then is a simple but clever codeword for something to do with a day, a cycle, or 'time'. An ox is another favoured metaphor, it has to do with communication, 'time', an Age and 'the heavens'. A massacre then is a temporal sacrificial ritual.]

Fort Hood

Fort Hood is the USA's most populous military installation. It is located in BELL and Coryell County, Texas.
What does a bell represent? Alarm, someone or something's arrived, something has begun, It's time! I reiterated how a bell was the signal for 911 just recently, in my 25th October Features - 11 days before this Fort Hood atrocity.
The alleged perpetrator is always refered to as 'Major Nidal Malik Hasan'. In this title are four groups of 'names' with 5 letters each: 5-5-5-5. 'Major' is a musical (tuned audible frequency) term, which is rather interesting.

The numerology of his name, 'Nidal Hasan' gives 66-6. Besides being the Number of the Beast in Revelations 666 is a TIME code for the passing of an Age as it is 6x6x6 = 216. An Age lasts for 2160 years. (See below as well.)
Nidal Malik Hasan was born on 8th September 1970, which numerologically totals 7. There's a double 17 there as well. (Again see how important number 17 is to this agenda by referring to other articles on this website.)
(Hasan's birthday is an 8, another mind number, which is present everywhere in the military because it is a number of force, organisation, repetition, stress and control. Number 8 has to do with professions involved with the mind, as I say, as well as government, law, engines and engineering, security and finances. Truck drivers and machine operators are other examples of 8s.)

According to the New York Times Nidal Hasan arrived at the Darnall Army Medical Centre at Fort Hood on 15th July 2009. It is "a hub for soldiers returning from and deploying to war zones".

Darnall = 88 = 16 = 7
Army = 83 = 11
Medical = 73 = 10 = 1
Center = 91 = 10 = 1
Total 335 = 11 (Notice the hidden 4 and 7)

(It's the DAM Centre)

The 15th July is the 196th day of the year. 196 totals 16, which then gives 7. There are 169 days left till the end of the year, the same numbers in another order, which again add to 16 and then 7. The15th July 2009 totals 33. (3 is another mind number - 2x3 can mean two minds - possession, or technological mind-control?)
For more information and larger images please visit
Official Confusion

Top: Bus advert bearing the sinister message
"Outright Terror Bold and Brilliant"
2nd: Kingstar van.
3rd: A sign behind the man in cover-alls saying 'TAVISTOCK'.
"The door plaque is there but would not have been possible to be in the photo due to angles and distance.
It troubled me for many days."
4th: The crime scene showing the zebra crossing and the T-junction.
5th: The Letter 'T' on the 'starboard' side of the bus.