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28th February

Bannervid: Bachman Turner Overdrive: You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet


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Reinvestigate 9/11
campaigning for full disclosure on who was behind the 9/11 attacks

Weathering the Storms of Life

The Russian Woodpecker: experiments in global mind control?
"In 1978, various US researchers argued that a signal originating from within the Soviet Union, the so-called Russian Woodpecker, was an experiment in global mind control. Thirty years on, what do we know?"

Plea from murder victim's family
"The family of an 18-year-old girl who was found murdered on a golf course more than eight years ago have made a fresh appeal to catch her killer.
Rachel Manning's body was found dumped in undergrowth at Woburn Golf Course in Bedfordshire in December 2000.
The murder investigation has been reopened and police have offered a reward of £25,000.
Last year her boyfriend, Barri White, now 29, was cleared of her murder by a jury at Luton Crown Court.
He had spent six years in jail until a retrial was ordered after his case was highlighted by the BBC's Rough Justice programme."
~ Sent in by Fran

Three other Paul Vigay websites:

Diana Murder.com


Beyond Knowledge Seminar Series
David Griffin
Higher than the H-bomb:How Exopolitics is taking on the 60 year UFO Disinformation Agenda
7.30pm  Thursday 19th March 2009
The Crown Hotel, Lime Street,
Liverpool L1 1JQ

Project Camelot speaks with George Green on the state of the global economy: Here

Things Unseen

‘Lost’ Book Found Describing JC-Mary Relationship

Listen to
Neil Hague
interviewed on Blog Talk Radio
Visions from Beyond The Matrix - A Story of Oneness-Neil Hague

Desert Compound Mystery
"Over the past five months, this "compound" has taken shape out in the central Arizona desert, in the middle of nowhere near Blackwater and Sacaton Arizona, along the dry Gila River. It looks to be about a quarter mile long by an eighth mile wide. It has razor wire all around it, power lines run to it and about half of it is cleared of vegetation. It is in an inhospitable and inescapable area of the Sonoran desert."
~ Sent in by Fran


22nd February

The Latest
and things that don't go bump in the night

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Crop Circle, mystery and conspiracy researcher and writer, webmaster of the Crop Circle Research website, computer wizz, Paul Vigay has been found dead.
"The body of 44-year-old Paul Vigay was discovered in the sea at Eastney on Friday morning."
~ thank you for letting me know Win.

From Paul's website:

A personal message from the webmaster 

I believe that throughout the universe we meet many wonderful and unique individuals, each travelling on their path to happiness, insight and knowledge.
We are all souls who have spent time on this Earth in order to learn lessons and share information with our fellow beings. Before we depart this three dimensional existence we give back a little part of the universe in the form of love, knowledge and conscious awareness. The planet as a whole will benefit from our love and caring.
Crop circles have had a profound effect on thousands of people who have witnessed and studied them through the years. Irrespective of origin, they have acted as a catalyst to learning, understanding and spirituality as we strive to understand the meaning and purpose behind the genuine crop circles.
I created this web site with the aim of sharing information and creating a forum by which people of like-minded souls around the planet can communicate with each other in order to spread love, light and positivity to the planet.
There is so much pain and sadness in the world at the moment, we need to send love and understanding around the globe, in order to heal the planet and send inspiration to those who need it, whoever they are and whatever their agenda.
Together we can make the world a better place.

Whether you're looking for the latest crop circles or scientific evidence and research or just browsing the beautiful photos and designs, I hope you enjoy this web site and I wish you well on your path to happiness and enlightenment.

~ Paul

Paul was a terrific researcher who I had a little contact with up to a couple of years ago. Only 3 days ago I moved Paul's folder from my email contact list because I hadn't had any more contact with him. Paul was always a very pleasant and helpful guy and the research community will miss him greatly. I have only just heard too that the lovely David Kingston has also passed away recently from cancer. David, also studied the same subjects and more. He ran the excellent website 'The Crop Circle' which I also contributed to and he organised the Dorchester conferences. (I remember racing home to Oxford from near Alton Barnes Wiltshire one year so that I could email the very first picture of a Wiltshire crop circle that year to David for his website.) Paul was David's friend and webmaster and also, from memory, he used to manage Lucy Pringle's website. May extend my sincere condolences to both David's family for their/our very sad loss and to Paul's family and friends for this sudden and very tragic loss. Keep shining both of you. ~ Ellis Taylor

Some more on Paul's life and death

Pagan Pathways: Hedge Witch

Alex Robinson continues her Titanic quest
The mil-Lion Man continues...

Ben Emlyn-Jones wonders has Atlantis been found on Google Earth?:
Atlantis Found?

More Murdoch machinations; this time from his hobbled thoroughbred.
Greetings, Obama: we come in peace
"High on the agenda at the 2009 International UFO Congress opening in Laughlin, Nevada, today will be the prospects for a breakthrough in a long and mostly frustrated quest to persuade the US government to come clean about the CIA’s supposed contacts with extraterrestrial life over the past 50 years.
Part of the problem for serious UFO researchers is that their efforts continue to attract an eccentric fringe of earnest folks who claim to have been abducted by sex-crazed aliens or wear tinfoil hats to deflect government radio waves."

I get the feeling I'm missing out! Yeah right!

And when are certain vociferous sectors of the UFO crowd going to wake up to the fact that they are pinning their hopes on a simulacrum, a computer programmed entity - one that even if he was really a four-year blow-in president the CIA would never give eyes to?

UFOs and the death of god
"While Nietzsche intuited the death of God and Richard Elliott Friedman deals euphemistically with that death (The Hidden Face of God, HarperCollins, 1995), sensible persons know that God died shortly after His Ezekiel visitation [590 BC]."

Maryville, Tennessee residents report unexplained explosions
Earth-shaking, ear-shattering booms are terrifying residents but officials have no explanations.

Flashback: Asteroid 2008 TC3 Strikes Earth: Predictions and Observations Agree

Pseudo-Skeptical Science

Perth priest compares self to Jesus, UFO cult rallies to his cause
Father Peter Kennedy priest of (the ubnder renovation) St Mary's cathedral in Perth, Australia is stirring things up a bit.

Nightstalkers and Black Helicopters
"The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne) aka Night Stalkers or Task Force 160 and have been mentioned in a couple recent episodes of UFO Hunters on The History Channel. Besides some possible UFO connections these guys may also be responsible for many of the "black helicopter" reports out there."


20th February

Bannervid: David Essex-"Rock On"

Britain at War: Readers' Memories
To mark the 70th anniversary of the Munich agreement, the Telegraph unveiled a unique project to record Second World War memories. Here are some of the hundreds that have been sent in.

UFO Digest

The Ash Tree

The persistent myth of UFO "disclosure"
If the title or content has got UFOs in it then the place to go is here.

Clark McClelland: NASA’s Bravest Whistle Blower


16th February

Bannervid: Symbols of an Alien Sky 2  3 

Drug can erase bad memories
"Scary memories can be erased using a drug commonly prescribed for high blood pressure, scientists revealed yesterday."

Scientist: Alien 'Shadow Life' May Already Live on Earth
"Aliens may be living among us, but we wouldn't know it because they'd be microbes that do not have the standard biochemistry of Earth-dwelling organisms.
As well as the many forms of life based on DNA that are known to science, the Earth may be home to "shadow life," a second creation of organisms that make up an unnoticed realm of "life as we don't know it," according to Paul Davies of Arizona State University, a cosmologist and theorist of extraterrestrial life.
Such "weird life" would never have been identified by scientists because the techniques we use for studying microbes are based on the familiar biological processes that drive the living things we understand, Davies told the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference in Chicago on Saturday.
The identification of such life on Earth could aid efforts to find life on Mars or elsewhere in the solar system.
A second terrestrial creation would also indicate that life arises easily when the conditions are right, suggesting that it is common throughout the universe.
The search for aliens should thus begin at home in a "mission to Earth," Davies said."

Ice animals pole riddle
"Baffled researchers say at least 235 marine species are common to the Arctic and Antarctic.
But they have no idea how the cold-loving animals went almost 7,000 miles past the blazing hot tropics to be at both ends of the Earth."

Satellite Junk Sprays Texas
"The Federal Aviation Administration has received several reports of falling debris across Texas - which could be related to a recent satellite collision."

An Examination of Obama's Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches

Neil Hague has added some exciting new artwork to his website

Eyes Wide Shut
An Essay by Jamie Stuart

Uluru remains are missing Victorian man

Lessons from the ashes

A Witch in Time...Wandering The Path of Life

Honorius: The Witches Alphabet - Magickal Writings

Catastrophes in Human History
"Throughout history, mankind has feared comets, and perhaps rightfully so. The Egyptian record shows that our civilizations have been ravaged by comet impacts and volcanic eruptions throughout the centuries. Contained herein is an initial list of such catastrophes between 3200 BC and 550 AD. Data has been extracted from thee records and from petroglyphs that put a human face on the scope and magnitude of these catastrophes. This data is presented for the world to see what the past has to offer and imagine what the future contains."

The Comet Catastophe of c.2345 BC - 1

Journeys Outside of Time

More missing '11 days' dark queen stuff:
9/11 widow, MacArthur Fellow, jazz musicians among victims

Paranormal Experiences

Nuclear submarines 'in collision'
(My money's on the 3rd)

Falling debris reported in Texas, not related to recent satellite collision
Of course not.

A Different Look at a Life Long Abductee – Less Hollywood More Reality


13th February

Bannervid: Amazing The Tornados - Telstar
(Not an original bannervid for the latest news but it's a good excuse to play this brilliant piece - an' anyway a mate of mine went out with one of the band's sisters. C'mon...that's gotta be worth a big apple!)

Andy LLoyd from 'The Dark Star Theory' reviews

The first publicised Satellite dog fight?
US satellite Iridium 33 and Kosmos-2251 explode over Siberia.
Crash of US, Russian satellites a threat in space

different story - same title
Crash of U.S., Russian satellites a threat in space

'Ezekiel One' turns out to be true?

More book reviews from Andy Lloyd

Every email and call will be stored under new law
~ Sent in by Fran, thanks.

Who Was the Goddess?


12th February

Bannervid: What Beauty we Human Beings are capable of
Amazing Blondel - Seascape
~ Sent in by Fran, thanks.

I chanced upon this...and it's wonderful:
Goblin Market
by Christina Rosetti

The Clinton Impeachment, Ten Years Later

The Dark Star's Andy Lloyd reviews
The Return of Planet X Conference

The Hexham Horrors  part 1   part 2
"On December 10, 1904, a startling story appeared in the pages of the English newspaper, the Hexham Courant. Under the heading of Wolf at Large in Allendale, it read:"

Do You Believe Demons and Demonic Possession Exist(s)?

Dr Brian O'Leary : The Energy Solution Revolution
"Dr Brian O'Leary suffered the ridicule of his schoolfriends when - several years before Sputnik - he announced his intention to go to the moon. Yet by the age of 27 he was a member of NASA's astronaut program, slated to be one of the first to visit Mars. Several years later, he resigned (for various reasons) and took up a career in academia where he rubbed shoulders with - among many others - Carl Sagan at Cornell and the pioneering psi investigator Robert Jahn at the physics department at Princeton."


11th February

Is A Puma On The Loose At Thundridge 'Devil Tower' Near Ware?
A sinister growl at an abandoned church tower in Thundridge could be a puma, according a big cat expert.

I've heard about most of this from somewhere else but can't recall where. Feels right to me I have to say. We're always being berated to look the other way, not look, or to look at the obvious thing when often it can be better to just look up and look out. Some of the things that we are told to avoid may not be as nasty as they are promoted to be. It pays to look hard at who it is who's doing the telling.
Chemtrails or Geoen
~ Sent in by Jean, thanks mate.

It seems from my mailbox that readers would like me to say something about the horrendous fires that have engulfed 40% of Victoria in Australia. Well actually as awful as it is I don't really feel like saying anything much. It's horrific and I feel an overwhelming sadness for the families who have lost their loved ones but these fires are being used just like 7/7/7 and 911 were used in the UK and US respectively. The same photographs, footage and interviews are echoed into living rooms all day long seeded with obvious lies and fear-spells..."WITH ALL THIS TRAGEDY THERE ARE NOW LOOTERS" was one headline but when it came to the report it was a friend of a friend who knew someone who saw it happening...POLICE ARE CLOSING IN ON THE PEOPLE WHO STARTED THE FIRES...raging infernos have always raged in this tinder-box-country, anything shiny can start it - a car's wing mirror, a piece of glass but also grass and natural oil-sodden trees can spontaneously combust all on their own. There may have been arsonists but there also may not have been but it suits those who want to bring in more rules to say that human beings started them. It seems that satellites and other technology cannot pierce the copious wooded cover that some premises have so far enjoyed here. The destructive side of the elements have been well represented here in the Underworld (even the Chinese 5th) and we await only the fourth - earth.

A brilliant and extraordinary epic research piece - on the chilling so called "Manson Family" murders:
The Devil’s in the Slide
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Follow the links on the right hand side under 'Previous Posts'
(You'll see that QM-Hillary gets a mention early)


10th February

Bannervid: Hulu's Superbowl Commercial

Never believe what an alien tells you:
Still Waiting: a list of UFO predictions.
"Though imperfect, this collection is large enough and representative enough to derive a number of solid conclusions and recommendations. The aliens in the UFO phenomenon, be they those of contactees or abductees, do not give accurate information about the future, particularly when the information concerns matters of great concern like the destruction of the planet, war, or profound changes in society."

Paranormal Photography
Interview with a Paranormal Photographer

Matthew Delooze's latest
Diana: Can You See The Real Me?

Four essential wisdoms for every human being and every culture.
These ones are gifts from people of the North Americas:

Old Indian Burial Grounds

Heavy Collar and the Ghost Woman
This is a ghost story from the Blackfeet/Blackfoot people.

Smudging: Sage, Cedar and Sweetgrass

Buying or Selling Medicine Plants Like Sage


8th February

Bannervid: Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?
An hilarious presentation by sought-after former university professor who disputes the efficacy of the education system and the means whereby society judges value and intelligence.
(Found on Truth Movement Australia)
(I recognise some of those faces in the crowd - see if you can too)

Perth Citizens for Truth


7th February

Bannervid: David Bowie: Starman

There's still people entranced all over by the Obia-man.
They need to read this:

From John Pilger
The politics of bollocks
“That was clearly bollocks,” said his lordship, who warned of the perceived “linkage between the US, Israel and the UK” in the horrors inflicted on Gaza and the effect on the recruitment of terrorists in Britain. In other words, he was stating the obvious: that state terrorism begets individual or group terrorism at source. Just as Blair was the prime mover of the London bombings of 7 July 2005, so Brown, having pursued the same cynical crusades in Muslim countries and having armed and disported himself before the criminal regime in Tel Aviv, will share responsibility for related atrocities at home.

There is a lot of bollocks about at the moment....

....What the childish fawning over Obama obscures is the dark power assembled under cover of America’s first “post-racial president”. Apart from the US, the world’s most dangerous state is demonstrably Israel, having recently killed and maimed some 4,000 people in Gaza with impunity. On 10 February, a bellicose Israeli electorate is likely to put Binyamin Netanyahu into power. Netanyahu is a fanatic’s fanatic who has made clear his intention of attacking Iran. In the Wall Street Journal on 24 January, he described Iran as the “terrorist mother base” and justified the murder of civilians in Gaza because “Israel cannot accept an Iranian terror base (Gaza) next to its major cities”. On 31 January, unaware he was being filmed, Israel’s ambassador in Australia described the massacres in Gaza as a “pre-introduction” - dress rehearsal - for an attack on Iran.

For Netanyahu, the reassuring news is that Obama’s administration is the most Zionist in living memory – a truth that has struggled to be told from beneath the soggy layers of Obama-love....

....It is time the Obama lovers grew up. It is time those paid to keep the record straight gave us the opportunity to debate informatively. In the 21st century, people power remains a huge and exciting and largely untapped force for change, but it is nothing without truth. “In the time of universal deceit,” wrote George Orwell, “telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”"

The mil-Lion-Man
In her latest article Alex Robinson recognises the Egyptian God Osiris in the character of Steve Austin in the 70's TV show, 'The 666 Man' - sorry - I meant 'The Six Million Dollar Man'.
(6 - 000000 - D-o-l-l-a-r = 666. They hid these things well.)

How Remote Viewing Works: Dr. Simeon Hein

Obama - ACORN Fraud Connection Exposed

A Special Ancient Code Event
At the Beltane Bash
The Red Lion Hotel, 1 Old Hall Street, Malpas, Cheshire, SY14 8NE
Saturday 2nd  May


6th February

Bannervid: Are you going to finish strong? Nick Vujicic
~ Thanks for sending it in Julie.

Nanonoia: More Than Meets the Eye

The Tiller Foundation
"Psychoenergetic Science involves the expansion of traditional science to include human consciousness and human intention as capable of significantly affecting both the properties of materials (non-living and living) and what we call "physical reality."
For the last four hundred years, an unstated assumption of science is that such a thing is impossible. However, our experimental research of the past decade shows that, for today's world and under the right conditions, this assumption is no longer correct."

Call for the ghost of Cleenish Island
"Have you ever seen a ghost on Cleenish Island? If so then one Englishman is desperate to hear from you."

20 Questions with: UFO Researcher, Paola Harris
"Paola Leopizzi Harris (Italy/Europe/Vatican) www.paolaharris.com is an Italo-American photojournalist and investigative reporter in the field of extraterrestrial related phenomena research.  She is also a widely published, free-lance writer, especially in Europe.  She has studied extraterrestrial related phenomena since 1979 and is on personal terms with many of the leading researchers in the field.  From 1980-1986 she assisted Dr. J. Allen Hyneck with his UFO investigations and has interviewed many top military witnesses concerning their involvement in the government truth embargo."

Grant Cameron Interview, X-Conference 2008 Washington

Check the evidence

The Journal of 9/11 Research
9/11 Issues

JON BENET RAMSEY cold case? mind control MPD?
"In the yet to solve case of Jon Benet Ramsey murder we will discuss with Linda Stone who was from that area and was involved in the case. Linda has written a book on satanic crime, MPD called 'THE FAMILY TREE' "
(Upcoming show - 9th Feb)

Paola Harris interviews former US army sergeant Clifford Stone about crash retrievals and aliens.


4th February

Sorry guys with all that's been going on I forgot about this:

Advance notice
I don't know how much interest there'll be in this because there are so many other blogs, forums, websites, myspaces, beebos and the rest out there but I'm proposing to set up a blog or forum just for readers of my books. It'll be members only - and let's just say for now, there'll be some benefits. I want to guage the interest so please write and let me know if this is something that both interests you and you would be willing to actively participate in.
~ Cheers Ellis
email me

Plight of the humble bee
"Native British bees are dying out — and with them will go flora, fauna and one-third of our diet. We may have less than a decade to save them and avert catastrophe. So why is nothing being done?"

Thank you Kim for sending this in - a subject very dear to my heart. Bumble Bees are just such lovely creatures all sort of teddy-bear like and busy, preoccupied, not interested in causing any bother. I just love them and this story of their plight brings tears...
I have mentioned on here before about the dearth of bees - and birds, and butterflies - in the UK. When I was a nipper I spent almost every day in the fields and streams, forests and meadows of Oxfordshire. Then it was a glorious riot of colours, scents and sounds, birds and insects and animals, fields overflowing with golden cowslips, woods painted large with heavenly bluebells, pixelled snakeshead fritillaries in the meadows, fairy orchids on the heaths, wild narcissi in the orchards and spinneys... but no more. It seems almost like a dream now.
~ Ellis

Third man theory of otherworldly encounters
One of the wonders of Creation is that we are never alone, there is no empty space and a part of every one of us can be everywhere else.
The article mentions WTC survivor Ron DiFrancesco and his brush with otherworldly assistance. I have friends who assist this way in disasters around the world in fact I related, on this website somewhere, how one friend came back and wrote to me giving the name of a man who she had managed to help. Days, or perhaps it was weeks later, I can't recall, exactly that name was listed as a survivor. Jason Andrews regularly visits people who are in trouble his mother Ann receives letters from all over the world telling how Jason came and helped. He gave assistance to many at the WTC and was seen by several people - he dressed as a fireman. I've had him turn up at my place, though not to help more to play tricks - the little tow rag - but he knows that I know when it's him and we have a joke about it.
This stuff's real, and it's wonderful, awesome, and do you know we can all do it and experience it? I've shared lots of my personal stories regarding interactions with otherworlds in my new book, DOGGED DAYS and already I am receiving feedback from readers who have recalled incredibly enlightening incidents in their own lives, that they now recognise as stimulating, powerful, healing opportunities. I know the book's a trigger for those who need to snap out of it - it's meant to be. As one correspondent said, "The book's got bite!" I like that.

As is so often the case all that we need to comprehend what it is that we are looking at is a little more light.
~ Ellis

What's the problem with paranormal?

2012 Explained
(2 part YouTube video)
An informative video that attempts to derail the 2012 doomsayers and yaysayers saying how it's all an illusion then at the end launches into how yes it is all happening but it's God doing it and how the bible is an unswervingly precise prophetic book without giving any examples at all.

Village photograph triggers police murder hunt
for missing teenager - 80 years late
"The disappearance of a servant girl in rural Sussex in the 1920s is being treated as murder by detectives, 83 years after she went missing on her way to work."

An idea with resonance
More than anything, Sheldrake's continuing popularity
is rooted in our need to believe
Ah...that must be why my dog phones me all the time to ask me
when I'm coming home.

New link:
Big Orb
Paranormal community discussing events and ghost hunting

True Crime

Unexplained phenomena
Big Foot, Nessi, Ghosts, Unexplained Landmarks, Crop Circles


3rd February

Bannervid: Ben Emlyn-Jones: Welcome to HPANWO TV
Good on ya Ben, great stuff! - Something similar has been in the pipeline from this direction (me) soon, if all goes to plan.

As Brigit dons her bejewelled gown over her blessed isles during Imbolc
it's f'*'in' 'ot here! ~ Ellis (meltin'in Perth).
A day in the snow

and in London
~ Thanks David


A fascinating new site article from Dan Green:
Lincoln Cathedral, Starry Guardian of the Chateau at Rennes

A note from Ellis:
You should notice how the immensely glorified (and strictly adhered to) magical 1 and  7 multiples combination has also been invoked in the clandestine goings on at Lincoln and Rennes.
Templars/Masons etc

There almost isn't room on all the paper in the world to list examples of this
but here's a head start for you:

Nine-eleven - 11 September (7th month) 1171
Note these flight numbers: AA11, AA77, UA175
Letter A = 27
AA11 = 911 and also tunes with 117 117 11 and 1111
AA77 also gives 117 117 77
UA175 invokes 11 117 175
The spores are everywhere. When you trace them back you'll find 7 and 1 all over this atrocity.

Freemasons come out in London 1717
Charles Manson and his gang arrested 10/10/1969 (1 1 7)
Madeleine McCann vanished on a date that adds to 17 (3/5/2007)
(2007 itself is regarded as 11007 in many occult traditions - they prefer the Latin II)
The name McCann 7111
The date Sarah Payne was abducted 1711 (1/7/2000)
Diana's birthday 177 (1/7/1961)
(Diana was killed on 31st August Paris time which is 39 - the Goddess indicator letter ,M' and one mirror of the Tarot's 78 cards (MM) for instance, which itself alludes to the Pleiadean and Venusian time cycles of 52 + 26, and Sirius - all wrapped up neatly in the Tarot's STAR. It was 1997 = 26, twice 13 small letter m.)

The birthday of the Egyptian goddess Isis 17th July (177) has long been a Darkness favoured date in its secret agenda. Check this out on Wikipedia
(The other 1 and 7 combos make interesting reading too.)

(See Thy Will Be done and Hells Bells (for instance) on this site, and my free Ebook, The Esoteric Alphabet for more on this.

"For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul." ~ Leviticus: 17:11

and on and on...

Mystery death: Top judge's body found in stream
2Judge William Everard, 59, was discovered in South Creake, Norfolk...[he] was at the forefront of prosecuting serious sexual crimes against children."

Parched: Australia Faces Collapse as Climate Change Kicks In

Country Scientist: Evil conspiracy or just condensation?
Move along people there's nothing to see here.

Barack Obama preserves CIA renditions as he keeps elements of Bush's war on terror

Ghostly faces and visions of 'little people': The eye disorder that leaves thousands of Britons fearing they've lost their senses
What do you mean you were in a group of people and you all saw and heard the same thing...Move along people there's nothing to see here.

Shadow People: What Are They?

Ghost sightings spook hospital workers

Priest to exorcise hospital 'ghost'
~ Cheers Matt

The Naïve UFO Witness

From a truly inspirational and wonderful human being,
the late Tim Field:
Trauma and the paranormal

The Conscious Mind
Presents: Terry Le Riche Walters
UFOs & Psychic Healing
The Wheatsheaf Pub
Chobham Road, Woking, Surrey, UK
7p.m. 3rd February 2009


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