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24th April

Our time in the USA by Ann Andrews

Malcolm Robinson reviews 'Ghosts Caught on Film'
a book by Dr Melvyn Willin, Honorary Archivist of the Society for Psychical Research in London and a paranormal researcher and lecturer.

Fuzzy Logic
Oh the "kings of confusion" are at it again...

NEW LINK: Hidden Agendas
"Positive thinking on a surface level always fails...You need to re-write your sub-conscious thinking. Rewrite how you think about yourself and your beliefs on a sub-conscious level. What we believe determines what we make true. Alter a belief and you can change the reality you experience. Through your beliefs you form your reality."

Matthew Williams and crew make a crop circle for the News of the Screws


23rd April

Saturn's Day unfortunately - but to cheer you up 3 sooper posts (after a message from its sponsor) George!...

"New York Lyonesse"
Ben Fairhall goes up to Oxford and transfers to Manhattan.
(Requires registration)

Who wants to be a Fake 911 Millionaire?
Gavin Walsh looks into the uniform law of the spider's web.

The Welsh Pound
Knickers to the Bank of England!
Ben Emlyn-Jones reveals the fascinating story of Williams-the-wad.

...and a pile of hog-sh*t from a branch of its intellectual department:
The Dark Side of Robbie
These weaving spiders spin truth into lies.


22nd April

Thanks to everyone who has signed up to the mailing list. I appreciate your interest and support a great deal. There seems to be a problem with the system and the provider's end but please bear with me. ~ Ellis

"New York Lyonesse"
Ben Fairhall goes up to Oxford and transfers to Manhattan.
(Requires registration)

Wading through time and space
The first crop circle of this year in the UK

Thanks to Jean for the following three items:
Chemtrails: UK Government admits deadly spraying
(The Guardian article)

The Real Risks in Natural Healthcare: Bad Science and Bad Law

Nutricide - Criminalizing Natural Health, Vitamins, and Herbs

Soul Companions
"As our world rapidly moves towards ever greater spiritual, environmental and political challenges there is an urgent need for us to listen to the voices of respected healers, seers, visionaries and shamans whose wisdom, insights and leadership will inspire and guide us to make our planet a healthier, more peaceful and equitable place to live. For over two years, the author met and entered into profound dialogue with such remarkable people."


19th April

It's THAT DAY again.

I'm loving aliens instead (thanks to tinkerbell @ rwap)
Robbie Williams' friend writes on their trip to the Laughlin UFO conference (which I have also written on - several times) and the meeting he had with Ann Andrews...and more. Great article.


18th April

The 6th annual UFO Crash Retrieval Conference
to be held
Friday November 7 to Sunday November 9
at the
Tuscany Suites Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada

Mediums protest at new EU directive
(shouldn't they have seen it coming?)
Ahahahhahhaaaa...Oh...stop it, please! What a hilarious headline! Don't! My stomach's hurting..."Shouldn't they have seen it coming?" The originality of it! ..hahahaha

Look, we all know that there are shysters preying on vulnerable people in every EVERY field of human endeavour. If these detractors are so intent on their messianic cause of stopping people being hoodwinked, scammed and abused why pick on such soft targets? There are far more serious (though nearly always more dangerous) opponents to tackle.
Wiseman says that psychic phenomena can't be repeated so therefore it's tosh. Well, can another Wiseman be repeated? I don't think so (and I hope not). What does that make him? And anyway, I think that Wiseman is shifty because I know that psychic phenomena is real... Nah, nah, nah nahnah!. He's talking bollocks but he means well. Always such a well-behaved boy at school! Psychic phenomena cannot be, and is not proven to be fantasy, illusions, or anything else that septics like to dream up. We do not know everything that there is to know and they certainly don't. Until then the intelligent course is to investigate without recourse to beliefs and their bedfellows conclusions.

Check the Evidence (again)


17th April

In the same location as the money-haemorrhaging bell tower (that spawned 911) the Darkness has ordered its agents to erect a money-losing ferris wheel. The Premier, former scribbler and TV talking head - with the Chosen One name 'Alan Carpenter' (and born on a 4 day - for adept researchers info) loves ferris wheels he says.

And talking about erections - what do you reckon to the foreskin development proposal in the same environs in the City of Lights? ..Dah! Dah!

Perth foreshore development photos


16th April

The Death of David Kelly and the "Sexed Up" WMD Report
Was BBC Andrew Gilligan's Original Source a Senior Member of Her Majesty's Government?
by Paul Brandon and C Stephen Frost and David Halpin, Christopher Burns-Cox

A message to readers from Paul Brandon:

'One of the main purposes of the article is to make the public aware the BBC statement that Dr David Kelly was Andrew Gilligan 'principal' or main source doesn't necessarily mean he was his one and only source, as is the common understanding. The article seeks to demonstrate there may well have been other sources.' 


13th April

I never knew that I had so much in common with the way Jon Downes thinks...
I've had enough of 'em too (as I've said before)
It was easy, it was cheap, go and do it...
Well said.


"This is what I watched with my own eyes.  This woman is amazing, she can sing, draw and paint… and all of her talents tie in to ‘the other world’ as we know it….. can't believe that they are actually airing this on Monday night for all to see. (Although only the ones in the know ‘will really SEE’). Her drawings are amazing of the other worldly beings as in demons, and of course the others being of angelic form….. a paradox as always. Viewers are seeing her as mad, as we see something entirely different." ~ Julie

Angels and Demons Part 5
"Heidi Everett - a young woman and songwriter who struggles every day just to stay in the world. Heidi's angels and demons are, to her, very real and often terrifying. As she describes a psychotic episode with devastating clarity, Heidi takes us inside a world where it's often hard to know what is real."

Thank you for sending this along Julie.
Folks, this is a truly remarkable piece of film.  I am so glad I was able to watch it. Andrew Denton does a great job.
I'm watching the whole thing right now. It really is eye-opening, and instructive - particularly part 3. One gets an incredible insight into what it must be like for people who hear voices, schizophrenics rather than mediums and channels etc. Scroll down the page and you can see and hear Heidi's astonishingly insightful artwork and music. ~ Ellis

Hearing Voices - Courtesy of the Military

Photographs of the Monuments of Hyde Park, Sydney
- and a fascinating bunch they are too.


Conscious Media Network's Regina Meredith interviews the marvellousHarry Oldfield about his cutting-edge work, which includes exploring otherworlds and beings and achieving his goal of demonstrating their reality (including the reality of possession) using devices that he has invented himself - and this ain't the 'alf of it!
Interview with Harry Oldfield

A mailing list invitation
For readers who would like to receive occasional news on new articles, updates, conferences, special offers and other stuff please sign up for the mailing list. Please click on the icon in the side bar on the left.


12th April

NEW LINK: Oldfield Research & Development
"Harry Oldfield is a scientist and inventor whose areas of successful development span the visual presentation of energy fields with computers, through to the image enhancement of microscopes and instruments utilising the special properties of crystals."

Nightmare on Elm Street’s Dinner Table. Thank you, Monsanto!
"Just in case you thought it was fine to eat Genetically Modified foods (better identified as “FrankenFoods”), along comes a study which makes it clear that you are eating this make believe non-food at your own peril and, worse yet, you are feeding it to your kids at their peril as well."
~ Thanks Jean

Being the woos that I am about things like this I squinted through just-opened eyes when I clicked the link that Julie sent to me - and yep... there is a picture that doesn't appeal to the squeamish. I'd heard about the story before, as I am sure many of you have, but it's a personal account of something very, very, wonderful about being a human in this world. It reminds me of episodes I've had in my own life, especially when I was very young.
Stroke of insight: Neuroanatomist, Jill Bolte Taylor
~ Thanks Julie

Robbie Williams' close encounter with programme-maker Ronson
"BBC Radio 4 is to air a documentary about UFOs co-presented by the unlikely pairing of the pop star Robbie Williams and the documentary-maker Jon Ronson.
The pair have collaborated on Robbie Williams and Jon Ronson Journey to the Other Side, in which they visit a UFO conference in Laughlin, Nevada, for three days.

Radio 4 will broadcast the 30-minute documentary on May 6."

I sat not 6 foot away, with Paul Andrews, while Robbie Williams and Jon Ronson interviewed Ann Andrews at the Laughlin UFO Conference around midday on 28th February 2008. Robbie asked most of the questions while Jon listened and occassionally interjected to clarify details, as well as to ask questions of his own. They both asked intelligent questions treating Ann with diligent respect. Forget about newspaper dissing, Robbie behaved like a consummate professional interviewer which was enhanced by a sincere and obvious empathy with Ann and what she was saying.

Prior to this interview, which took place immediately after Ann's talk at the conference, Ann had been questioned pretty rigorously by one of the members of Ronson's and Williams' crew (unbeknownst to everyone in the room) during question time. Robbie Williams evaded recognition for quite a while in his 'Castro' uniform and beard. I did almost immediately that I sat down, but other than whisper to Paul I respected his privacy recognising he was there to do a job. Many of the Americans at the conference didn't know him from a bar of soap anyway - once they did though they were all over him like a rash - as were some of the Brits present. I don't think anyone, other than me, recognised Ronson - he looked a lot younger than I would have expected.
At the end of the interview, Ann, bless her, says to the guy who is interviewing her, "Do you don't half look like Robbie Williams?" It was an unforgetable moment, entirely in keeping with Ann's wonderfully naieve nature. Mind you, it's sure to be a family joke for quite a long while to come. Robbie Williams, patently charmed by this refreshingly real moment, and entirely honest lady, asked her if he could have his photograph taken with her.
It appears that the crew particularly chose this day because Ann would be speaking. It seems too that Nick Pope was involved in setting it all up.

This will be an unmissable programme.

You can see one of the pictures, I took at the time, of Ann, the sound recordist (sorry I didn't get his name), Jon Ronson and Robbie Williams in the middle slideshow in my Silence Through the Grapevine article

Oz Lights

The White Heart of the World
"...there awoke in me a passion for Antarctica. I decided to continue my searching, something did not feel right, something about the scientific interest in it and at the same time how little attention is called there, how quiet it is. I live in one of the closest countries in the world to this continent, but it is seldom mentioned. Attention is always directed 'up, up, up' to the rest of the world - America, Europe, China, Russia - they're all 'up'. Even on many world maps you don't see her, she's 'the invisible woman'."

Matthew Delooze to talk in Halifax
Matty has asked to let it be known that he will be talking in Halifax, Yorkshire on Saturday 31st May 2008
For more details please visit Matt's website.


11th April

Nice One young Gav!
He's found something that miss'd me notice and snuggles up, all cosy-like, to the TIME LORDS blog article I put up t'other day...
NASA update: Ulysses is dying


9th April
WooHoo, its a very special 23 day!
The frequencies that number 23 describe are at home in the inner realms - the domain of the Goddess. For it is here where She nurtures our inner child with inspiration and imagination; away from the marauding alpha male - 1 - the one-eyed, clubbing tyrant of intellectual surety - with its gormless condescension and dull withering spent futures, expecting, naye insisting, that we kneel to it.
Number 23 returns dragons - creatures of water and air, 2 and 3, Aquarian creatures - consorts and champions of damsels and princesses their gentle characters besmirched by those who would lock their Goddess (feminine side) away in cold stone towers (1s) and call upon Saturn looking sharp in the masks of such as Sts George and Michael.

To celebrate we have new attire, a new page too... and if you look within you will see 2 dragons, sometimes 3, peeking wistfully at you from behind these words. I photgraphed them a few years ago at the top of a sacred hill. They are presence.
If you like please feel free to right-click and save...
and adjust your bookmarks to:

8th April

Faith in British justice was restored today as the jury in the Diana-Dodi inquest unanimously agreed that they were both murdered.
The under-manned jury of 5 men and 6 women stated that members of the Royal Household, the security services, and several leading figures in the British Government at the time, have very serious questions to answer. The judge, clearly impressed by the jury's integrity and forthrightness, made it very clear to everyone  present that not one person in this country is above the law. He ordered that every single person, who it is suspected are involved in the crime, no matter even if they be a member of the Royal family, a past Prime Minister or a serving member of the British Security Services must front up to the court and that if they are unwilling to do so they will be arrested and made to. No longer, he said, would such people be allowed to get away with the atrocious behaviour they have instinctively resorted to for countless centuries.

Who ever thought that that would ever happen?
You believe that members of royalty, spooks and government leaders would have inconvenient people disposed of? Are you mad?

Come on now! Move along! Nothing to see here...

'Henri Paul was not drunk'

Gross negligence

Visionary Art Workshops
Unlocking the imagination
Dream Traveller, Visionary artist and master teacher NEIL HAGUE will be running weekend workshops over the weekends of the Summer Solstice - 21st & 22nd of June and the Autumn Equinox - 20th & 21st September

Time Lords

At last some good news!

is now available.

The author of SOUL COMPANIONS, Karen Sawyer, very kindly asked me to read her manuscript and let her know my feelings about it. Well, it is truly wonderful! ...and it carries an unequivocal recommendation from me.

Strange Phenomena Investigations (SPI's) Malcolm Robinson reviews
BLUESTAR ~ Fulfilling Prophecy


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