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Ex-sept in F8
(Stepping out of 7 and into 8)


An article in The 2012 Mega-Spell Exposé series :

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5th June 2010

Another Cumbrian Working

While wandering around Oxford with a good friend yesterday we stopped a while at the Observatory portal (currently on pause), now standing in the moonscape of desolation that was once the Radcliffe Infirmary. The site has been cleared - I'm told by a staff member, in readiness for the new academic area of Oxford University. Neil asked me what I could see was going on with the recent Cumbrian carnage and whether I was going to write anything on it. Well, I've not been sure that I would. I don't like harping on about the same thing all the time and I've demonstrated what to look for and what is going on time and again. This website is crammed with reports into the occult aspects of similar incidents. Neil reckons that I should do, so I'll compromise a little and just highlight a few points:

This is all, without any doubt, a further sequential step in the 8-stage of the 2012 MegaSpell, no doubt at all. As always it is being orchestrated by a malign consciousness, the Darkness, that manoevres events and people according to an agenda that seeks to stop the ascension of human consciousness and ultimately consume all that is back into its black hole, the abyss.

The date: 2nd June (adds to 8) and sits in Gemini, the sign of the twins (8-archetype). The date is 333 days after 4th July 2009.
The alleged perpetrator is a taxi driver (8-archetype), Derrick Bird, whose name converts to Lord of the Flies - Beelzebub!

The first shooting that began a 44 mile (8) trail of devastation was in Lamplugh (adds to 8), Cumbria (8-archetype)
The first victim was the alleged perpetrator's twin (an 8 archetype) brother, David Bird (adds to 8).
The second victim, lawyer (8 archetype), Kevin J. Commons (adds to 8) was shot in his driveway in Yeat House Road, Frizington (8)
Third victim, taxi driver (8-archetype) Darren Rewcastle (888) shot in Duke Street.
Fourth victim, retired Sellafield worker (8-archetype) and soldier (8-archetype) 71-year-old (8) Ken Fishburn (adds to 8) shot whilst riding his bicycle (8-archetype) on Egremont Bridge (8-archetype).
Fifth victim, charity worker (8-archetype) Susan Hughes (Sue =8 energy) was shot as she walked home from the shops in Haggard End, Egremont.
Sixth and seventh victims, tax officer (8-archetype) Jennifer (8) and James Jackson were killed at Town End Farm, Stockbridge, (8) Wilton. They were husband and wife (8-archetype).
The eighth victim was part-time mole catcher, former power plant worker and council worker (all 8-archetypes) Isaac (Spike) Dixon (8), who was shot in Carlton Wood.
The ninth victim was farmer Garry Purdham (double 8) at Low Boonwood Farm (8), on Gosforth (8) Hill.
Tenth and eleventh victims were cyclist, fitter and trade union organiser (all 8-archetypes) Mike (8 energy) Pike and a twin (8-archetype), Jane Robinson (8-88) on the B5344 (8) towards Drigg (8) Road.
Twelfth victim, estate agent (8-archetype) Jamie Clarke was killed whilst driving through Seascale (8-energy) on Gosforth (8) Road.

The thirteenth victim was Derrick Bird who shot himself in woodland near Boot. He was born on 8th October 1957. This makes him a Libran, which is an 8-aspected sign. He was in his 53rd year (8).

888 days after this tragic day brings us to the major portal moment of Samhain 2012, the last before the winter solstice 21/12/2012. 44 days (8) beforehand actually!

This atrocity aligns with the 15th May date predicted to be pivotal in this MegaSpell in more than one way; one of them is like this:

15th May + 9 = 24th May + 9 = 2nd June (See The Teacher & the Academy of the Cross) To clarify: Numbers revolve in cycles of 9

To learn more on the archetypical aspects of 8, and more, please visit Ex-sept in F8 and also see my book, LIVING IN THE MATRIX

About numerology

~ Ellis 5th June 2010

25th June

~ Link advised by Matt, thanks

~ Link advised by S, thanks.

The number 63336 is a code for numbers 21 (think 2012) and 37 (See The Teacher & The Academy of the Cross. Diagramatically it gives a spinning vortex which translates to 666, as we would expect - hours, minutes and seconds for the Temple of Time: See symbol in left column

333 is 9x37

Oh! Look at that: The ad was launched on 2nd June 2010 (an 8 and an 11-date), 933 (code6) days before 21/12/2012. It was the same date as the Cumbrian Working and 333 days after 4th July 2009...when Beelzebub, the Lord of the Flies, working through Derrick Bird, rampaged through 13 lives. You can still hear his cacophony during every game in the FIFA World Cup. You new to this? You think its about football? 777 days after the FIFA opening ceremony with its obligatory sacrifices - the Olympics Ceremony takes place. See In a Far Country. No doubt it intends to have its own.
- Ellis

24th June

  • A red-haired Welsh woman (dragon -from Barry, in Glamorgan) with the divine JG combination (See the Esoteric Alphabet) has become the Underworld's (Australia's) first female Prime Minister. Born on Michaelmass (29th September, St Michael's & All Angels Day) and a fish day numerologically (adds to 37 - a prime number in the 2012 Megaspell - see my 2012Megaspell Exposé article: The Teacher & The Academy of the Cross) She continues the red and fishy theme set by Rudd with her surname (Gill - ard) - just right for the end times of Pisces. Gillard became PM at the Labor Party leadership election 911 days before 21/12/2012 - what a coincidence!! - on 24th June 2010, a 33-date as well as a combination 666 one...and it's St John's Day! It was also 9 years, 9 months and 9 days after the Sydney Olympic opening ceremony (on Prince Harry's birthday). All so Masonic.

Eastern Star anyone?

  • Notice the missing letter 'u' in the Americanised spelling of 'Labor' - the ignored chalice. It signifies the denial of the feminine.

Welsh-born Julia Gillard takes over from Kevin Rudd to become Australia's first female Prime Minister

Julia Gillard on wikpedia

As my friend says: "We now have all women in our top positions"

1. The Queen of England
2. The Governor-General – Quentin Bryce
3. The Prime Minister – Julia Gillard
-   Premier of Queensland – Anna Bligh
-   Premier of NSW – Kristina Kineally  

30th June

Another tragic 8 incident, this time right on the 8-stress, or link, point, the hub of the wheel of the British Isles, and one that  indicates 3rd December 2012: Police officer and two young sons die in Anglesey

"The BLACK MASS and lighting will be installed along with new Cathedral landscaping and floodlighting later in the year, at which point Ascalon will be officially ‘unveiled’ "
'creating an "epicentre of energy" in the city. ~ Marcus Canning
~ Link advised by L, thanks

12th August

On an 11-11 date (22) the World's biggest clock begins ticking in Mecca. Bow to the clock people. Full of 4 and 7 stargate frequencies, and amply connected to 911 (and this year's anniversary of that), this building, was erected by the Bin Ladens, (At Greenwich it was the 222nd day of the year; and on this day in 610 (7) Muhammad began to receive the Qur'an).
Link advised by S, thanks

Amazing video of possible HAARP deployment in the Persian Gulf
Link advised by J, thanks

11th August

Another Dispens8 for the MegaSpell
RIP Matt Simmons (who died on 8/8/10 - it was also Lughnasadh climax)

Nasa is considering plans to land a probe on an asteroid that is on a potential collision course for Earth.
~ Link advised by S, thanks

I've put it on the LDP page on Facebook too.  Osiris REx.  Osiris REborn?  REsurrected?  Mmmm.  All sounds very dodgy to me.  One of those real 'in your face' missions this one!:

OSIRIS REx...oh please?!
~ Link advised by S, thanks

Previous bannervid 2: Pt 1/40 Hells Bells2 - Some good information here but tread carefully spiritually. Though this video attempts to highlight the dark side of music (and succeeds) it unfortunately transmitts a lot of it too. Christian based but don't let that put you off.

8th August

Robbie Williams To Headline Heroes Concert: It is surely even clearer now that he, and the rest of Fake That - 'Take That' - have been brought back for the MegaSpell, as I suggested on 16th July. This concert will take place about 11 or 12 miles west from, and the day after, David Icke's Brixton sermon on the mountmarking the 9th anniversary of the 911 Megaspell. (See Ringmasters) A fairly potent alignment here to Greenwich, no less. This concert, which other than the usual feasting, will gauge whether humans are still stupoured enough to celebrate human sacrifice and futility, will take place on 12th September 2010; that, by coincidence of course, is the palindromic 12921 in numbers. Also by pure chance (honest guv), it is 100 days before the Winter solstice 21/12/2010 and 111 days prior to the end of the year. Besides the timing please note all the 1s and 2s that are essential frequencies for creation magic c.f. the big one that the Darkness Invisible in aiming at - 21/12/2012. And Rob Will got married for a Lughnasadh honemoon. What's 9 months from now? Beltane! ...Of course.

5th August

Omo GPS stunt opens doors for marketers
~ Thanks L

Oil Disaster: Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster - Accident or Conspiracy? Edition One. Highlights the suspicious activity leading up to disaster and reveals the environmental impact the officials are covering up.

Previous Bannervid 2: Spicks and Spicks | Manta | Doctor Who theme

Outback flying saucer a trick of light, not a UFO says British Government files
~ Link advised by J, thanks

This article is very strange to me. Why do they have Ike in the headline and have no mention of a person or thing Ike in the body of the story. Weird hey. - Julie
Churchill, Ike 'covered up wartime UFO'

4th August

'Tis that date again when much occurs, and why wouldn't it, being the 216th day of the year.

Talking of 216 (Two Towers) Richard D. Hall has synched in remarkably, and on a number of keys, with his remarkable new 911 analysis:
911-3D analysis: The measurements that he uncovers are right out of that black dog-eared grimoire that we examine regularly on this website: 16, 17, 22, 39,

Lughnasadh climax, this year, falls on Suns'day 8th August; so I expect this enhanced 8-frequency, and 88-16 summon-up, to spell something significant for the MegaSpell.

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