Dear Ellis

I was very sad to read that you will not be keeping up with the website on a regular basis anymore, it's a pity that more people didnt hear your plea to donate to you so you could keep up with your brilliant and brave work.

I want you to know that, as you call John Pilger, you are also a star, I'm sure i'm not alone in thinking that.

I want to thank you for opening my eyes to what is really going on, after reading your work I have never looked at the world the same again.

I wish you luck with whatever ventures you are embarking on next, including your new book, which I will be buying! And also to thank you for the work and time you have put in to keeping your readers informed.

This may sound mad but i feel like I'd be losing a friend if you banished the site completely, so don't forget us.

Love and peace Ellis,


Hi Ellis
it has been great to be referred to your website through a friend on the itstimenow (pleiadian) chat group.... I am a big fan of David Icke's but its been great getting another perspective... the numerology is facinating!!....

Thanks for all the good work.... god/dess bless you
M.  Australia

Hi Ellis,

Just read an article of your via the David Icke site with the vw logo. Wondered if you'd be interested to hear what I read in the local Brighton and Hove newspaper, The Argus.

Brighton and surrounding is v.masonic.

This was posted today on the Meaning of Life forum:

The retired former mayor of Eastbourne and the present mayor have put a granite rose near Beachy Head, the Argus newspaper of Brighton and Hove, reports today 25-6-03.
It was reported that the monument was the idea of the former mayor of Eastbourne. This is place in an area with a high suicide rate, and is in alignment with the four directions and New York and Paris (two other areas of pain and suffering and occult/esoteric significance).

It makes you wonder what the true motivation is.

all the best,
in friendship and unity kind thoughts, P. UK

Hi Ellis

I found your recent articles - To Please the Gods, and Two Towers - fascinating.

Best Wishes


Dear Ellis
               I have been reading through your website with great interest and fascinated by your findings. I am an ex pat living in Australia now . I am in the process of writing up my experiences at the moment in the hope that it will, like your work broaden peoples understanding of what is really going on. Fantastic website, keep up the good work.

God bless, D.


I've been looking up Dr Ivan Panin on the web and found this little piece of
light(?) relief.


We have lost sites off web this has gone.
Can you replace and add the following please? SUSSEX ANTI-CORUPTION ALLIANCE  
This all Sussex police corruption uk connected

please keep up the good work!! im affraid i do not even know my timestable,however how can these people in there top jobs ignore your work? yet they want us to be in a neighbourhood watch scheme and want public help!! are you not a memember of the public! i wish you all the best with the  publishing of your book,have you ever tried to contact DAVID ICKE ? he has a publishing company.penguin published MICHAEL MOORE"s book.  may god bless and look after all the past present & future victims and famalies,and may good spirits be wih you. a concerned citzen cedric.

Hi Ellis

Don't know whether you have noticed (forgive me if I'm telling you old news) but there is a Milton Keynes connection with the 'Beagle II' probe travelling to Mars, scheduled to land on Christmas day.

The pictures are apparently beamed back directly to Milton Keynes -before we ever get to see them of course!

Here is just one of the articles I found:


Great article on Dr Kelly,  I write as it rings truer everyday

Keep well for the good work


Hiya Ellis! Hope this finds you well and in great form mate!

Just had a look at the "tower" work you recently put out, with the 216 relevances. Amazing work!

N. Canada

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAbsolute idiot!!!!!!!!!

I am a freelance writer currently compiling an article on women throughout history who have made enormous achievements in the face of adversity, one of whom is Sara Payne.  Unfortunately I stumbled upon your site during my research.  Your bizarre conspiracies make me feel sick and I pity your sad life, so warped by boredom that you take pity on convicted child sex killers, offering alternative endings as if the whole saga is nothing more than a twisted movie and only you can grasp the concept of the ending! 

How do you think Sara's siblings will feel if they ever stumble upon your unsubstantiated and fantastical site, which opposes everything their brave parents dare tell them, which challenges one rightful occurrence of justice and law?  If you are going to publish your version of events involving well-documented child sex killers, then fine, but do your research first, Ellis.  Go to a maximum security prison and hear these beasts confess to you that they have forced young girls and boys into sex acts, before strangling or beating them to death.

No doubt you think these murderers are drugged, coaxed or beaten into confessing?  It's all a big conspiracy, isn't it Ellis?  A top secret cover up?  I would report you to the Press but sadly there are that many freaks and cranks out there, just like yourself, that they're not interested anymore.  I know you will love to get angry emails like this, and I know I shouldn't fuel your wild senseless fire, but think of thisone day you will have children, and God forbid they ever come to any harm.  God forbid the local anonymous paedophile snatches them one sunny afternoon and performs sickening painful sex acts on them for hours and hours, until he finally shows them mercy and violently, maybe even slowly, kills them, ditching their naked body in a shallow grave so that their discoloured and tortured undignified little corpse is found easily by the public or by police searchers.

And when the courageous and intense police operation finally brings a man to justice, a man who has already been let off leniently for another attack which undoubtedly ruined a little girls life and probably destroyed her family, when you finally find solstice in the conviction of your child's murdererI will set up a website which states that your beliefs are wrong and the man accused of murdering your child is no more than a scapegoat, a victim of the system. 

Infact I will say that aliens did it, no better still, it was Elvis Presley who is alive and well and working in a burger bar near you.  Get some life experience and some common sense before going public with revolting views like that.  You are an absolute idiot, and furthermore, I bet you are a student, or better still, a failed one.


Lord Lucan

(I suppose he didn't kill the nanny either?)

You, are what is commonly known in the trade, as an aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabsolute fucking idiot.  Take this silly ridiculous site off line before I kick up a proper stink about it.  How the fuck do you sleep at night?  Sarah Payne was an abused child before she died?  Her paintings show paedophilic influences?  Take this warped shit offline right now, before you regret it.  Sick bastard.

As above

Dear Ellis, This will sound a bit strange, but, My Neice was very unwell and in hospital, She met a lady there who was a healer and she helped her some, this lady told my neice that she felt there would have been a freemason in our family some time in the past, she said that the women of the family had been cursed. The women in our family have all had very difficult lives so this may be true, my mum confirmed that one of her grandparents was in fact a freemason. how do we rid ourselves of this curse. I have 3 daughters, I do not want them to face the obstacles that myself and my sisters/neices and cousins have faced. Hope you get time to answer this, maybe its codswallup, can you help?

Many thanks LS

Hi LS,

Thank you for writing.

Please don't worry about having a Freemason forebear. The vast majority are decent honourable men and women.

In my opinion there is nothing to the 'curse' thing, and probably the best thing you could do is exorcise it from your consciousness - write it down and burn it if you need to do something with obvious results. Curses are not codswallop, however their power lies in you giving energy to them -thinking or focussing, talking about it - that sort of thing.

Regarding the rest you might find this article of interest and comfort:

Don't worry,

Best wishes


Dear Ellis,

Thank you so much for your quick response,  I really appreciated it. I know that you must receive a truck load
of queries, I just wanted to say THANK YOU.    I also very much appreciate your website and all the information
you are doing a great job.   Please let me know when you have another seminar, or meeting I would love to attend.

I have an unusual story that you may like to hear,  Very briefly - I have a missing ovary.  I need to get a cycst removed
from my right ovary, when the surgeon checked my left one it was missing.  He said it looked like it has been surgically
removed!!!!!  I have never had it surgically removed with my knowledge.  I had a Ceasarian Section in 1990 I queried
the Doctor if it had been removed then, he never gave me a direct answer, he did an ultrasound and said that I did have
a left ovary, contradicting the surgeon - who by the way had colour photos showing that the ovary was missing.
The doctor who did the C. Section also happens to be a fertility Doctor - has it been removed and my eggs used
for someone else?  I have had no luck trying to get to the bottom of this, (Funny - they all close ranks)  I have no legal
recourse either - (it happened over 10 years ago, I only discovered this though in 2000)  one radiographer told me
not to bother pursuing this, "you have a perfectly good right ovary, that is all you need".  "There is no value in pursuing this".  I was treated like an idiot and had no recourse,  Somebody suggested speaking to the media.   60 minutes would
love a story like this. but I don't trust them enough, and think I would be ridiculed and discredited.  My kids would be
teased e.t.c.  (I saw your mum on the telly e.t.c.).  Nonetheless, I do tell almost everbody that I meet, who knows what is
going on in the hospitals, I did discover that this happened to another woman too!  or is it something else - i.e. alien abduction  I would be interested to hear what you think, you can pass this e mail on to anyone you think would be
interested in this story. or post it on a message board (I have no idea how to do that, my computer knowledge extends
to emails only).

Thanks for listening

Love LS

Hi Ellis,

'have to say... your site is GREAT and I love how you more than fill that gap where 'someone's got to do it'!

Keep up the excellent research and numerology and above all, stay on-line!

Best regards,

G. Berlin

Thanks for your kind endorsement of and linking to my webpage. A problem has arisen however that my old website was destroyed (go figure) at your
and now the addy to my new website has changed. I wonder if you can take a moment to please change the llink to go to my new website instead of the old. It would be greatly appreciated.  Best wishes and thanks for all you do, Peter Farley

Peter R. Farley
Roswell, NM 88202


I've, just looked at your website, it's really fantastic.

Best Wishes


Hi Ellis,
My name is F. and I live currently in Austria (No kangaroos in Austria;) *a t-shirt with a funny cartoon mainly geared toward Americans and their world geography expertise.

First and foremost, I would like to Thank You! for your on going efforts to expose this darkness upon us.

I have been an occasional reader of your site in the past few years and always found important information as a compliment in my own search for my Truth. I like how you take the time to make those important numerological connections and the ritual aspects of

This month has been indeed plagued with bloody acts and their signature undoubdetly related to their respective numerology. Just as in you latest article noting the train tragedy, I wanted to point out that the offensive for the fallujah(Phallus+Jah in my
opinion) took place on that day, yet I find it not so easy to come accross with past news articles about the beginning of the event itself. Also very intresting to note is the so called wedding that took place on that day as well with the couple's respective ages 24 and 29 or better yet 6 + 11 or simply all together, noting the inversion of the infamous 9 + 11.

I also found most interesting the burning man incident that took place in the American capital, and the location of the event at the base of the pentagram which is part of the city occult arquitecture. The day of the event 15/11/2004 also seems related to such symbol
6 + 11 + 6 = 23 (2 + 3 = 5). Just coincidences? I don't think so!

Needless to say, I am frankly just amazed and a bit disappointed at the apathy that seems to run parallel at the hands of our society in general.

I hope one day soon we will all be rejoiced with all the facts and that the universe can also be a harmonious place of choice.

That's all for now.
I wish you all the best and keep up the good work!

A big Hug