* Although this is one of the heaviest visited pages on this site this article has not been updated since 2003. I began writing this page when I first noticed that serious crimes were occuring on streams of energy that linked to sites with Royal connections. Later it became clear that this was because the Royals intentionally live on Dragon Lines and that their predilection does not necessarily indicate any connection to the crimes any more than a fox would who lived in a hole in the side of a sidhe.

It is no good burying our heads in the sand these lines exist and serious crimes, their victims and perpetrators (patsies too) are associated with them. These naturally occuring streams are being employed due to their ability to transmit and enhance energetic manipulations that take place on them.

Who, or what, is making use of them for evil purposes? Ask yourself. Could it be the local school caretaker, or nonce? Is it likely that they have any knowledge of these things. Or is it more likely that our ancestors and the few remaining indigenous cultures of our world could be right: i.e. that possession is a reality; possession by entities far more cunning than we and with the ability to communicate through time and space - through dimensions.

Places of worship are not built in such locations for nothing. Military and government installations are not either - places where overt and covert mind control experiments are carried out; and some of them are where the technological versions of possession like brainwashing and mental programming go on.

These alignments have not gone away and so can be easily verified.

For people who do not know:

Energy streams (Dragon Line, Song Line, etc) are natural courses of energy that weave in a serpentine manner across the planet. They are empowered and utilised by cosmic, interdimensional, universal and earthly forces. Their power is available to everyone and everything but more proficiently to those (men or women) with innate abilities or training - priests, shamans etc.

A Ley Line is a straight line joining significant points on an energy stream.

These alignments, certainly of energetic importance, have been discovered whilst looking into cases of missing and murdered children. These discoveries were leading me to realise there is a connection in some way with the Royal Castles and palaces.  Places linked to the Queen Mother, cropped up time and again, so often I could not ignore them. When the QM died, somehow everything gelled together. This is a pattern. No ifs and buts. The Holy Grail of every investigation is a pattern. Well, here it is.

Notice how often St Mary's comes up.

Do any readers know of any other missing or murdered people on any of these lines?

* I intend to update these pages now and again. I will indicate at the bottom of this page when new information is included. (10th December 2009)

Ever since I published this page it has been subjected to hacking. Please let me know if you notice any discrepancies.

NEW: Madeleine McCann lines
Stonehenge - Balmoral

Highcliffe Castle, Christchurch (map), built by a Stuart (Clearly a Royal relative)----Salisbury Cathedral (built on St Mary's Mead)---- Stonehenge ('ere we go)----passes through many towns with castles etc and on through Balmoral --- Crosses the Scottish coast at Crosskirk (Port na'Cross )chapel, uhh..St Mary's again.

The Sarah Payne, Diana Line A straight line drawn on a 1:800,000 map, from Kingston Gorse, Sussex to Findhorn, Scotland.

From Kingston Gorse (where Sarah was taken from) -----the exact spot Sarah was found, near Pulborough (has a St Mary's church) ---Guildford Cathedral, where Sarah's memorial service was held. and the oldest church in Guildford is...St Mary's ----Windsor Great Park (Where the QM lived---the Hell-Fire caves, Wycombe-- Althorpe Hall, Diana's family home and burial place --- Lotherton Hall---Bowes(from which, the family apparently takes its name) ---Glamis (Home of the Bowes-Lyons)---Balmoral---Findhorn (the magical garden-mystery no more)

Both the villages at start and finish of this line, Kingston Gorse(1703) and Findhorn(1702, were washed away

This alignment joins the Royal Castles of Hastings, Windsor and Caernarvon.

The Amanda Dowler Line (a) see this article

(Royal) Hastings Castle (A Cinq Port like Walmer. A St Mary's chapel. An energy centre)---Battle (where the Battle of Hastings was fought in 1066 (13. also has a St Mary's Church)---Walton-on-Thames-(where Amanda disappeared from.Has a St Mary's church)--- Windsor Castle---Wheatley and Shotover House (Has a St Mary's) --- Oxford (The university church is called St Mary's. Oxford was the capital of England during the civil war. The exact centre of England where 2 dragons fought)) --- Blenheim Palace (Just happened by  chance to be built on this ley.)---(close to Rollright Stones--- Worcester Cathedral (The Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary) ---Mount Snowdon (Dragon history)--- (Royal) Caernarvon Castle (Where Prince Charles was invested as Prince of Wales - anybody go missing then? It also has a St Mary's)

The Amanda Dowler Line (b) (Which otherwise should be called the St Mary, or Black Virgin Line Line - see this article)

Nab Rock and Nab Tower (in the English Channel, east of the Isle of Wight.)through  Painshill Park (Payne? site of a Gothic tower, a  Gothic temple and ruined abbey folly), through Hersham, where Sarah Payne and near where Amanda lived, through Walton-on-Thames railway station takes us through Willesden, (home of a black virgin) and on through Soham (where Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman vanished from) to Wells-next-the-sea (Holkham Beach) in Norfolk.

The Rachel Manning Line

This alignment originates at Foreness Point (North Foreland lighthouse), near Margate (Mary's Gate?) on the Isle of Thanet, Kent, flows through St Paul's Walden (Where the Queen Mother was born), through Woburn, Silverstone (Moon?) Which village seems to have been governed by an Abbess - a Moon Priestess, Harlech, on the north coast of Wales. Harlech boasts a Royal Castle. (A Robert de Walden was one of the masons employed on the construction of Harlech Castle), and then across the Irish Sea and through Dublin.

The Amy Anderson Line (1)

From The Needles (west of Isle of Wight) through Salisbury (Cathedral), Stonehenge, Gloucester (Cathedral) Chester, St Bees Head, Crossmichael, Dumbarton, Glencoe, Rubha Reid lighthouse, across to Tiumpan Head on the Eye of Lewis, to Tolastahd Head, Lional (near, The Butt of Lewis (Rudha- Rhobhanais) lighthouse,

The Amy Anderson Line (2)

From Kingstone Gorse (where Sarah Payne disappeared from), through Watlington (and Christmas Common-site of satanic rituals, I am told), through St Mary's, Wheatley, Banbury (Banbury X), Morecambe, Scafell, Maryport, Dumbarton, the A87 bridge from mainland Scotland to the Isle of Skye, through two tiny islands in the Sea of the Hebrides, through Callanish, Dun Carloway Broch.

Yet again Kingstone Gorse features in an alignment. this might be due to he old village sinking below the waves or it could be because the name is probably symbolic of the King Stone. The name given to the largest stone in several stone circles. It is plainly a name synominous with Roystone. Roy meaning King, and ston - stone. Royston is the site of an underground  medieaval Templar bell chamber.

It might be worth a look to see whether there is any sign of a stone circle in the environs of Kingstone Gorse -watery or otherwise.

Suzie Lamplugh and Danielle Jones

I can't ignore that Suzie Lamplugh disappeared from an alignment travelling through Avebury earth energy power centre), (Wiltshire), Windsor, Fulham (where suzie disappeared from -near Fulham Palace) and East Tilbury (Where Danielle Jones was last seen). The alignment runs east-west at 51 degrees 28 + -

Surely if there are alignments(as this writer has shown) in so many of these dsappearances and murders, surely that suggests a pattern, a plan. This would seem to mean that these crimes are not the work of some crazed lone nutter who on the spur of the moment decided to kidnap an unknown victim. Again, that the circumstances of the victim and the locations are energetically related further relegates such suspect profiles into the realms of fantasy.

Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman

North-west to South-east:  Manchester, Nottingham, Peterborough, Ely, Bury St Edmunds, Brusels, Athens and then,  it seems to me, on through the pyramids at Giza.

South-west to North-east:  Starting in the South-west, at the southern-most tip of the Cornish peninsular, The Lizard, at a place called Mullion, which has a church dedicated to St Mellanus (black), through the lighthouse near St Mawes (church:Our Lady of the Sea), Mevagissey, the mouth of the River Fowey, TAVISTOCK (mentioned here), Tedburn St Mary, GLASTONBURY (goddess site), Map of the Ancient Landscape around Glastonbury, skirting south of WELLS Cathedral (previously St Mary's), Bradford on Avon (another St Mary site), Calne (St Mary), Wroughton, Wayland Smithy , OXFORD (goddess site-Isis and St Mary), Waddesdon (Rothschild), WOBURN ABBEY (where Rachel Manning's body was discovered), Soham, Brandon, Thetford Forest, Hingham (St Mary), Horsham St Faith, Sea Palling (church dedicated to St Margaret)
(See Holly and Jessica)

Sarah Payne (Weston-super-Mare to Pevenesey)

Weston- Super-Mare (Sunset over moon) on the Bristol Channel to near Eastbourne (realm of light, river of light) on the south coast. It passes through and extremely close to a string of sacred or ancient sites including the Westbury White Horse, Stonehenge, Danebury Ring, and another ancient hill-fort, Winchester, a battlefield, a place called High Cross, the burial site near Pulborough, another ancient hill-fort, Devil's Dyke, Ditchling Beacon, Lewes (the County town where the trial was held.), The Long Man of Wilmington and a castle and on through Pevenesey into the English Channel.
see article

Sarah Payne  (Kingston Gorse to Mey)

From Kingston Gorse (where Sarah was taken from) to St John's Point, near John O'Groats in the far North of Scotland. Its journey North carries it through the burial site near Pulborough, Guildford (where Sarah's memorial service was held), Windsor Castle, and the infamous Burnham Beeches, a host of sacred sites and finishes as I said near that landscape feature named after that Masonic hero, St John. Right close to St John's Point is the Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon's residence, the Castle of Mey. Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother bought the run-down Castle of Mey in 1953 on the death of her husband, King George VI.

Amanda Dowler (3)
Stonehenge - Yateley Heath Wood (on edge of Windsor Forest) - Walton train station (where Amanda was last seen) -  East Tilbury area where Danielle Jones vanished.

Sarah Payne, Amanda Dowler, Jill Dando, Suzy Lamplugh, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman
There is an alignment through Parkhurst (Isle of Wight -where there is a high-security prison -and incidentally the name of the road where Holloway Prison is situated.), Petersfield (crossed keys), Guildford (Sarah Payne and Amanda Dowler commemorative services), Walton-on-Thames (Sarah Payne and Amanda Dowler), Fulham (Jill Dando and Suzy Lamplugh), Holloway Prison (Maxine Carr is remanded here.), and through Norwich (Where Huntley and Carr, who are charged in connection with Holly Wells' and Jessica Chapman's abductions and murders, are due to appear soon.)

Daniel Nolan (1)
Yaverland, Quarr Abbey, Warsash, Hamble, Southampton, Pewsey White Horse, West Kennet Long Barrow, Silbury Hill, Windmill Tump Long Barrow, Gloucester (Fred and Rose West), Much Markle (Fred and Rose West), Ledbury (Fred and Rose West), across Wales to Colwyn Bay.

Daniel Nolan, Amanda Dowler, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman
The Needles (IOW), http://www.uk-tourist-attractions.co.uk/Attractions/History/Hill_Forts/The_Needles_Old_Battery.cfm
Sconce Point (IOW), near to Yarmouth 'Harbour office bugging shock
The Solent,
New Forest,
Bucklers Hard,
Beaulieu River, (pronounced Bewley)
Southampton Water, (Further up the water is a place called St Denys -just like at Lakenheath)
HAMBLE/Royal Victoria Country Park (Daniel last seen in Hamble), (Disappeared 1st January 2002) Full Moon was December 30  10:41
Major Road Junction A3025/ A3024/ A27/ M27,
A334 Botley/Hedge End,
Durley Street/ Bishop's Palace (Bishop's Waltham), surrounded by a deer leap called the "Lug" (Lugh?)
The church here is St Peter's (He of the crossed keys)
Hinton Ampner/ Kilmeston,
Across A272,
Battlefield 1644,
Roundabout (or is it a service area?)near Ropley Dean,
MINLEY (Where Amanda Dowler's remains were found), (Abducted 21st March 2002 - Spring Equinox First Quarter Moon March 22  02:29)
Windsor (Associated regularly) -home of the lions and a Bowes-Lyon, seat of Lugh. See Suzie Lamplugh
RAF LAKENHEATH (Where Holly Wells' and Jessica Chapman's bodies were found, (Abducted 4th August - Lughnasadh - Last Quarter Moon was August 1  10:24)

The line passes very close to Metton, where young April Fabb disappeared from. I don't think she was ever found. If anyone has any information on April Fabb, please contact me.
Thereafter crosses the coast at Sheringham on the Northfolk coast.)

Daniel Nolan 3
Nab Rock and Tower (Isle of Wight) to Aberystwyth, Wales. On the way it crosses Stonehenge and The Severn Bridge, a notorious 'suicide bridge' near Bristol (or maybe not in this case.).

Daniel Nolan - Amanda Dowler - Daniel Entwistle
The Needles - Hamble (Daniel Nolan) - Walton-on-Thames (Amanda Dowler) - Waltham Abbey - Long Melford -
Eye (on the River Dove) photos - (close to Scole of Scole Experiment fame) - Bungay (notice the St Mary's and the August 4th connection) - Belton (see previous alert) - Great Yarmouth (also has a St Mary's)
I think we might bear this place in mind too.

David Kelly
Lulworth Cove - Lulworth Castle - Stonehenge - Pewsey White Horse - Uffington White Horse - Pusey House - close to Cherbury Camp - Hinton Waldrist castle/ manor and church (St Margaret's) - Harrowdown Hill - Blenheim Palace - Aynho - Sulgrave - close to Althorp (Diana) - Grantham (Margaret Thatcher's birthplace) - Grimsby - Withensea (northern point of Mars hexagram - see hex)
Two articles on David Kelly David Kelly and Heading for Harrowdown

Wittenham Clumps
Abbotsbury - Stonehenge - Hungerford (mass shooting) - Harwell (Atomic Energy Research) - Wittenham Clumps (Ancient sacred site overlooking the Thames and another site of sacrifice)- Waddesdon (Rothschild) - Bedford (Dukesof. This line passes between Milton Keynes and Woburn Eyes Wide Shut and Rachel Manning) - Buckden - Huntingdon (birthplace of Oliver Cromwell and once home of the Hell Fire Club's Earls of Sandwich) - Chatteris - Sandringham (Royal Residence andthe estate where Diana spent much of her young life) - Wells-next-the-sea

Notes: All of these alignments are presented to the reader in an abbreviated form. There are many significant places of interest omitted from the lists; places such as churches, hill tops, mountain tops, lakes, wells, churches, etc etc. They undoubtedly stretch around the globe. It is very likely they correspond with similar misdeeds and tragedies in other places, in other countries. Is there a cartographer out there willing to work on this?

Please keep watching this page for more alignments.

Ellis Taylor

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Also please read The Mark of the Beast and How to Give it Nothing

For more information on energies and ley lines:

The excellent David Cowan's website - Author of Ancient Energies of the Earth and Safe as Houses


10th December 2009
Amanda Dowler Line (b) Mention made of Holkham Beach starfish.

28th November 2013 (Brief - for now)

Madeleine McCann lines:
I'm away from my maps etc at the moment so I'm having to use Google Earth. (I appreciate that there is an arc to be accounted for, probably not huge over this distance.) I have listed some of the well known "rite-sites" (especially in the UK). I would greatly appreciate any input from readers who know of any other significant sites on the lines in other countries and also from anyone with expertise in cartography.. Thanks - Ellis


(1) Rothley to Praia da Luz

Rothley (home town of Madeleine) - Among the energetic (and since connected) sites this line pass through, and close by to, are The Rollright Stones, Chipping Norton environs (Chipping Norton Set); Barbury Castle - Avebury - Silbury Hill - West Kennet Long Barrow - Durdle Door - FRANCE - SPAIN - GIBRALTA - Praia da Luz

(2) Praia da Luz to
Praia da Luz - GIBRALTAR - SPAIN - Carnac - FRANCE - St Helier, Jersey - Ryde, Isle of Wight - Burnham Beeches -
LEY LINES and EARTH ENERGIES ~ David Cowan and Chris Arnold
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